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Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game Results: Texas Tech

After the game against Texas Tech we asked you who the Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game should be. After a couple of days voting, you all have voted for...

Brett Deering

Daxx Garman

Garman' s air raiding performance launched him into the top spot this week, taking home 47% of the votes.

James Washington was the runner-up with 27%, and then Bean, Ateman, and Peterson followed with 12%, 11%, and 3%, respectively.

I voted for the quarterback on this one. Anytime someone throws for 370, four touchdowns (plus one rushing), and two interceptions, it'll be hard not to receive my vote. Garman was also named offensive MVP by Coach Mike Gundy.

I think Washington earned his spot coming in second. Two of his three receptions went for touchdowns and he should be exciting to watch this season.

To me, Bean and Ateman could be switched. Ateman didn't have any touchdowns, but he was a reliable receiver for the most part and hauled in 130 yards. Bean on the other hand had a great showing with eight tackles, two forced fumbles, multiple tackles for loss, and a few sacks.

Peterson only had 3%, which is understandable because of the overall poor defensive performance garnering most of the attention.

I asked Jake Trotter at ESPN (@Jake_Trotter) and he split his vote between the receivers, Washington and Ateman.

Big thanks to him and if you would like to keep up with the Cowboys and other things happening around the Big 12, be sure to give him a follow.

Be sure to swing by next Sunday to vote for the Player of the Game after the Pokes take a swing at the Cyclones. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Go Pokes!