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Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech, As Told By Red Raider Fans

A full range of human emotion is experienced within just three hours. Sit back, and grab some popcorn as we use the best comments from Viva The Matadors game thread to recap Oklahoma State's victory over the Red Raiders.

Brett Deering

As Told By The Fan's have been hillarious so far, and the Texas Tech game didn't disappoint. In this week's edition Red Raider Nation is a fan base struggling to cope with mediocrity.

Kliff Kingsbury has yet to show he can lead Texas Tech to be competitive with the big boys. Much of the talk before the game was how porous the Red Raider run defense had been, but the Cowboys exposed them in a whole new way. OSU went with an all out assault through the air, and Tech did little to stop them.

Here's how the game played out for Tech Fans. There's willful ignorance, desperation, heartbreak, frustration, and lots of references to stolen traditions. Oh, and penalties. There's lots of penalties. Enjoy!

Here are the best comments from Viva The Matadors.


Let's F*** S*** Up!


I'm on the fence over the use of the masked rider and uniforms in general. But, I'm 100% sure OSU will still have the ugliest uniforms on the field tonight. They are notorious for bad uniforms.

Gundy on Webb: "three-man rush". Goddamnit it annoys me that he's a good coach in addition to looking like a sunburned hedgehog.

OSU is going to be wearing orange chrome helmets with chrome orange facemasks. We will look fantastic in comparison.

Under Armour > Nike, fact.

Who pays for all this s***?

Amazing what you can afford when the guys on the field aren't getting paid.

Hopefully Mahomes gets some reps.

That would probably mean we beat them by 21+, so sure yeah I hope we see Mahomes too.

Texas Tech's new alternate unis are

Are....what? The suspense is killing me!

They just are, dude. They just are.

0-0. Okie State better enjoy the tie while they have it! Tonight is THE night that changes the season! We will win on both sides of the ball, and turnovers finally will favor the good guys!!

Original Guns Up!

OK.... what are they seeing that I'm missing? "Most talented QB to ever play in the air raid offense" -about Webb

May have to mute! ESPN is sure loving on Okie State.


Hey, not a three and out.

Okay, if Webb is actually going to go through his progressions then we have a chance.


Just heard the paddles. I thought the paddles were outlawed?

Only during the actual play and I don't know how much the refs enforce it.

Yard by yard.... Get in the end-zone.

Coug fan here because of Leach/Air Raid. WRECK EM



Touchdown Red Raiders!!!!!

Touchdown Stormtroopers!

THAT looked like Texas Tech.

Just score... My life goal.

Putting the anus right on OSU to play catch up.

Anus? That works too I guess...

OSU can kiss my onus.

Take that motherf*****s. Game on!

We will hit ‘em, we will wreck, we will f*** them Texas Tech!

Smells like victory in here.

Tech's first lead against OSU since 2009.

Can we just end the game NOW? That would be ok with me...

Kenny Williams with that tackle.

Holy crap! We just wrapped up!



Does Garman look like he and Gundy share the same orange spray on tan?

Damn... seems weak.

Nelson fell, wasn't intentional, but I can't argue with the call.

Hokey-ass PI

Someone needs to check Garman's ID. He looks 11.

Wrapping up. WTF



Hello +1 turnover ratio.


Is that our first FORCED turnover of the year?

Take that mother*****s. I N T.

Good cutback for a few by Washington.

I'm guessing ESPN isn't ripping Tech. Yes?

They've taken a few mild shots. "Porous run defense" "A rare running play to Washington"

"I think he did a good job of not eyeballing the receiver" Webb listened to us.



2 drops for jakeem

He made a football move. That was a catch!!

His football move was just to "get hit".

Wow going for the 4th.

Dang. That's how you tackle!

We've actually been wrapping up on our end so I think we learned a bit about tackling in the past 2 weeks.

That's the kind of plays winning teams make. Grant with another fumble. When your QB is having a tough season and he make a nice throw under pressure, HELP HIM OUT!!!

Not his fault in that instance. Just a good hit.


Holy s***! Jackson just ABUSED that lineman!!

I love you Mike Smith!

I like what I'm seeing so far from the defense, but it looks like Smith has to occasionally be reminded that he has to call the next play.

Are they seriously shaving that plastic excuse for a cowboy head?

That's disgusting. I wonder if it's like a...does anybody remember chia pets?

*raises old decrepit hand*

So far Tech>FSU.

Am I really watching Texas Tech?

Where was the PI on that?

Fraid It might be a big 12 ref kinda night.

We need to limit the drops.

Oh hell. My ankle hurts just watching that!

Oooo that ankle injury looked not good. Made my own damn ankle hurt

Touchdown now. I can feel it!

Here we go. Gotta clean up this bulls***.

Webb is getting nervous again.

And this is the Tech we've seen all year.

Don't give up... just one rough end to a decent drive.

Stop the penalties.


Don't let OSU get the momentum.

Pretty nice pass there...better catch.

Dang it they got the TD.

Damn.... they play that deep ball pitch and catch pretty well. Good coverage, just went up and high-pointed that ball.

Ahh OSU's poorman's Masked Rider.

"The spirit rider?" they copy everything half-assed.

Looks like a shootout about to happen.

Godamnit. Cue the clipping call in 3, 2, 1

Coming back.

Son of a B****!!!

Bulls***. Boone paid off the refs too.

Basically, that's an 80 yard penalty.

Weakest holding call I've ever seen.

Solid run.

3rd and less than one? Man I wish we could just jumbo that and take that yard

Dylan shall be on ESPN for that one.




That Is Why Cantrell Needs To Be In The Game More!

That was flipping absurd.

Holy crap it has taken an hour for 1 quarter of play.

F***** crap


Oh, Webb...

Damn it.... Webb got picked off.

That's it, one interception put in Mahomes.

Haha, that was a great hit

A stop gets it back.

Getting a quick 3 and out would be big here.

Nice 3 and out for OSU...Good Job Defense.

Garman sucks.

This. We can win this game.

Love Mike Smith.

I don't know where he went to get brand new players this week but I am glad he upgraded the talent!

We are dominating this game and should be up by three TDs...

Ok I'm with ESPN guys on this, Ref either needs to stand over the ball or they need to let us go at our damn pace chains be damned.

Shouldn't the Big12 refs be ready for this?

Camera guys are way too zoomed in this tight stadium.

Webb throws at least two more INT's tonight.

Damn...we are just breaking ankles out there apparently.

At some point, OSU shouldn't have any DB's left at this rate

Damn penalties.

Fucking penalties killing us again.



Easy peasey

OSU gets more red every year.

Don't give them ideas.

As of now we have ran 42 plays and pokes 14. Fun fact.

Great tackle Micah!!!

Wow, Completely different run defense.

3 and OUT!!!

Hell yeah Defense!!!

Great run by Batson.

Get your gun fingers up!!!

Texas Tech, Spankin that ass.

DAMN. Can we get a PI????

They made up for it with that crappy Roughing penalty.

I saw nothing wrong with the hit on Webb, but the lack of a PI call is pathetic.

Ok, who greased the damned ball?


Someone needs to clean the ball, there's Vaseline all over it apparently.

My gosh...these stupid, stupid, stupid penalties. He missed it, but jeez.

WOW!!! Has Kliff ever gone that postal in a game?

It's OK, Our defense has got this.

The Cowboys are starting the air-raid offense.

Can someone look for the f***** Ball??


Their WRs aren't shy about fighting for the ball in the air.

So let me get this straight, EVERY single time we try to hurry the pace up "the refs aren't ready". But the very first time OSU does the same fucking thing, it's okay?!?!?!????

Well, our defense wasn't on the field very long...

F*** a goat.

Momentum shift.

Welp will it be wheels up or wheels off?

Tick... Tick... Tick... Self-Destruct mode in 3... 2... 1...

Seems like OSU is on our return guys FAST.

Clang the FG, 5 yard penalty, muff punt kick. TD. Classic tech.

This clock is ticking so slow. How many beers am I supposed to drink geez?

We should be up 28-7...


F******... A.

My gosh, our WRs suck tonight. Except Cantrell.

Oh, and a hold. Awesome.

Welker needs to suit up!

Damn it.... 2nd pick

Webb sees nothing when facing a zone.




How much more horrible could the DBs play that???

Please don't challenge them that way. They might accept it and try for something worse

Are you f****** kidding me... Why can't our DB's play the damn ball?


Damn it they score again.

That's ballgame. I've seen this movie before.

S***. Our WR's can't grab their ass with both hands.

Football god's have spoken.

If Webb chokes again on this potential answer. It is officially Mahomes time.

Those are some terrible pushups...

Only took 90 seconds to flip the game completely.

Ray Charles could read where Webb is throwing the ball.

Exposed. Our DB's are getting exposed by a team that can pass.

Can someone catch the damn ball!

Heeeeeee's back. WEBB sucks again.

Webb needs to be pulled. This is getting repetitive now...

Whoever coaches Catching the Football? Yeah, fire that guy.

Can't let them get a TD here...

Have to stop them!!

What the hell... Why can't we break up these passes?

Their receivers are making incredible plays and ours are dropping the ball. Geez.

Mike Gundy is the spitting image of Ron Donald. Basically the funniest TV character in history. Which is great, because he's also a goofy ass.

Well at least they don't have the deep ball in the game plan in the red zone.

THERE we go!!

Well how about that!

F*** yeah!!!

We get the pick in the end zone and stop them.

The back of our helmets are bowling balls.

HALFTIME (Oklahoma State 21 - Texas Tech 14)

Seriously though... how dumb was the Big12 marketing department with the One True Champion crap? When the rules allow for co-champions trumping a head-to-head game....

Its ok f******. We got ‘em right where we need ‘em. Gonna win this.

Their horse looks lame. With a gimp.

Mark May makes me want to kiss the guys ass that invented the mute button.

Wreck Them

We're going to win this mf'r.

Did anyone else think their cute O S U chant has their fans looking like a little teapot? It was cute almost.

Watch out for deep pass.



Someone give Mike Smith a raise!

Let's see another thirty plus return... negated by a penalty.

Here comes the block in the back penalty.

Come on Red Raider score and then score again...

No drop!!!

S***... terrible stuff after a bye week and everything.

Another substitution penalty. That's about the 400th this year.

F****** penalties. Terrible.

I don't know how a player hasn't been broken with the walls that close at that dump.

Great tackling . . . Finally.

Another 3rd in out.

Oh no.

Bullshit call.

WE are getting burned so bad on the go route.

F****** S***

Our DB's are terrible.

Mahomes please!

Our DB's give up a TD, and we call for Mahomes.....SMH.

Does he play Safety?

Same old Tech. These guys can't win big games.

And here comes the rain.

Long return and no flags???

Just what the Dr. ordered. That return by Grant! Lets do this!

Good run by Grant.... Now do something with this ... Get in the end-zone.


Start running, the defense is becoming tired.

Again a receiver dancing backwards instead of putting their head down and getting tough yards....

Run the ball!


WTF was the flag?

T Boone's refs.

Dingleberry Referees Thus far though.

Kingsbury is hot when he's mad

Stockton with the TD!!!!!


Baby Jesus!!!

Good stop on D and another drive like that and BOOM we're tied going to the fourth.

Finally a penalty against OSU.

T. Boone's check to the refs didn't clear at halftime.

We have no chance with our secondary.

Finally a good DB play on the ball.


F****** s***. F***. This is so bad.

Not sure who got burnt there.

Welp... that kid is fast...

OSU game plan, throw the bomb every 50% of the time.

Terrible. OSU may as well just do that all game.

Garman throws a SWEET and ACCURATE deep ball. Good grief, that kid is solid.

How can they be so bad in coverage?

We need that receiver to pull his hammy.

How Did Our Track Coach Not Recruit Hill?

Or the football coach.

Our secondary is doing their very best to show our pass D can suck just as much as our run D did against Arkansas.

OSU TD drives...4 plays, 4, 4, 5, 1.

Flag. Big surprise.

Flag. Why not!

2nd and 1. Get a first. Now 3rd and 8? WTF?

Another solid run.



Reese Davis said both schools accuse the other of stealing their traditions.

F*** you. We didn't steal any traditions. What kind of narrative is this? What have we stolen?

It's not borrowing Reece. We had them first.

WTF with the traditions talk? Do the research pseudo-journalist and see the truth. Thieves!

Webb led the offense to do their part. We need a stop.

Maybe we should put in Mahomes.

The MLB is rigged, Jeter just hit a walk off single...

WE have to work for our TD's, they don't. Biggest difference.

Keep them to a field goal at least.

Alright Mike Smith, show me something.

Have to get the stop here!!

Man He is Fast.

I'm too sober to watch this game.

Could not even get lined up!

Hold them D!!!

Please try a field goal.

Anyone see them kick Bethel's shoe? It got personal at that moment. I'm pissed.

Webb and Garman look like two 14-year olds.

S***. Y'all can say what you want....but this ain't good

Looks Like Some of You All Got Your Wish. Mahomes will be coming in!

Oh gawd, I didn't want it to happen like this though.

Feel terrible for Webb, and looks so painful.

No, no, no.

Why would you run it with your only remaining QB?

Well s***.

No wrap up on that attempt

There's a stop. Let's go PATRICK.

Must have popped the shoulder back in place.

He's baaaaaa-aaaaaack.

They are keeping Mahomes in.

Webb is PISSED.

Webb needs to stop crying, and go talk to his new QB.


Now the line chooses not to block??

Mahomes is panicky.

They are just rushing the QB b/c Mahomes cannot make the reads as quick.

Wheels off the bus.

Wow hope this helps with the QB "controversy".

Glad you guys got Mahomes! Put Webb back in!

OK that sucked.

100% interception rate for Mahomes.

That was a bullshit call!!

Had a chance there and then the biased refs fuck us on a bulls*** penalty.

There's no way that was roughing the QB...bullshit call.

I'm not watching ESPN for games that aren't the Cowboys or the Red Raiders anymore. Just lost a viewer.

Yeah, that SECcentric network is definitely showing their ass.

Well we almost made it a whole game without being blown out.

Yeah, we stopped the run, but this is the worst cornerback play I've seen in a million years. Hint, they're wearing black jerseys. Don't let them run past you.

Run defense looks better but secondary has been burned bad. Over 150 yards in penalties. Offense dropping balls. We've given up 45 points with 7 min to go and we've scored 28 with what 4 or 5 trips inside their side of the field with no scores.


QB option? When we're down to one QB? Seriously?

Don't worry, Kingsbury can QB.

PI against OSU finally.


Grant with the TD!!!!!!!!

Mahomes first TD.

Give Mike a perm title if they stop this drive!

Our secondary is as bad as our rush defense.

Not to whine, but does it not look like our D Line is getting dragged down by holding.

Impossible. WE commit the penalties.

Holy s***! Glad they can drop it too!

I had never heard "Dinking and Dunking" until this year, and apparently it is now ESPN's favorite phrase.

Webb talks more than he shows. Standing beside Pat, giving him pep talks is just letting himself be on TV.

Jameis Webb

16 penalties... My gosh.

If OSU stays ranked after this win I'll eat my shoe. We beat ourselves with little help from them.

Total give up, Kliff Tubberville.

Yeah, because converting on 25 yard plays with a freshman is successful.

You don't give up. Ever. And that's exactly what we did. When ur down 10 w 2:50 left u give ur back up valuable reps. Only degenerate gamblers care about the covered spread. I could give two s****. This team is piss poor. Our defense looked better like a 400lb person losing 50 pounds. We still have 3 chins and scaly skin. F*** I'm done with this dumpster fire.

Big12 play. .... Loss number one.

FINAL (Oklahoma State 45 - Texas Tech 35)