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CRFF WEEK 5 POWER POLL: Cha Ching Charlie

King and I agree on the top and the bottom. Everything else is up for debate.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Cupcake football is now complete, and a full slate of conference play is coming next weekend. Let the cannibalization begin.


1. Oklahoma

Transitive properties make the Sooners SEC champs, right?

2. Baylor

The Bears are obviously smart enough to only go to Ames on SATURDAY. My take away from the win over Iowa State? Baylor isn't as solid in #2 as previously thought.

3. Oklahoma State

Tyreek Hill cannot be overthrown. Defend that, bitches. Of course, we might not throw that pass again this season.

4. TCU

Another team that hasn't faced much yet, but that pendulum will swing to the other end of the spectrum when the Stoops Brothers come calling.

5. West Virginia

You've shown that you're likely a lot better than predicted, but you still need to win a big game to move up.

6. Kansas State

The team that barely beat the Cyclones, or the team that should've beaten Auburn?

7. Texas Tech

The Red Rashers are very fortunate the rest of the league is on a whole other level of bad.

8. Texas

You shut out Kansas and sent Chubby Charlie packing. You can't say Strong didn't accomplish anything this season.

9. Iowa State

Proved that Baylor is not invincible, cuz if you can score 28 on Baylor, who the hell do they expect to stop?

10. Kansas

The only thing better than you having to pay out another $7 mill to Weis is the fact that Notre Dame is still paying him.


1- Oklahoma

Big game next week as women beaters and pot heads collide in the battle for first place.

2- TCU

Yes, beating SMU by 56 is better than beating ISU by 21. Or even playing Buffalo.

3- Baylor

Let Buffalo and Iowa State combine for 49 points, so enjoy third.

4- Oklahoma State

We've gone full Madden, go route after go route.

5- West Virginia

Played a good half of football. Needed to play two halves.

6- Kansas State

Old man rivers has his wardrobe cut down by 86% by the league office.

7- Texas Tech

They set out to stop the run last week, and did a good job of it. Sadly they forgot about the pass.

8- Iowa State

Had a great first quarter, the other three not so much.

9- Texas

Well you beat Kansas.

10- Kansas

I was worried what would happen if they played Iowa State and Weis and Mangino were in the same stadium. Disaster averted.