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Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game Results

The results of the weekly Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After the game against Florida State we asked you who the Cowboys Ride For Free Player of the Game should be. After a couple of days voting, you all have voted for...

Emmanuel Ogbah

Ogbah obliterated the 'Noles offensive line, and finished in 1st place with 61% of the votes. Wow!

The speedster on offense, Tyreek Hill, finished with 36% of votes, and J.W. Walsh received only only 3%.

Emmanuel Ogbah recorded six tackles, two sacks, and two deflected passes in the 37-31 loss.

Personally, I voted Tyreek Hill. He racked up over 270 all-purpose yards and was able to provide a massive diversion to make way for a 55 yard Walsh-Glidden touchdown to put Oklahoma State back in the game.

I could probably be talked into Ogbah. He was an absolute monster and was pressuring a very experienced Florida State offensive line. There is also something to be said for the Big 12 Conference naming him the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week.

I'm not shocked by the number of votes Walsh received. Despite being responsible for three touchdowns, Walsh threw a pick six and had a costly fumble that many felt ultimately cost Oklahoma State the game. You could argue Walsh lost the game for the Pokes, but couldn't you also argue he kept them in the game as well?

I asked some media members on Twitter who they'd vote for.

The Tulsa World's Bill Haisten voted J.W. Walsh

David Ubben of Fox Sports (@davidubben) voted out of the box on this one and chose Cowboy defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer.

Jake Trotter at ESPN voted for Tyreek Hill

Kyle Fredrickson, the OSU beat writer at The Oklahoman (@kylefredrickson), chose Ogbah, but gave the Freek some credit.

A huge thanks to those guys for their input. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter if you want to keep up with Oklahoma State and other things happening around the Big 12.

Be sure to swing by next Sunday morning to vote for the Player of the Game after the Cowboys take on Missouri State!

Go Pokes!