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The expected and the unexpected happened. Guess which one involved Iowa State?

Bob's looking a bit constipated...
Bob's looking a bit constipated...
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

One week under our belts and we don't know a whole lot, except David Ash should hang it up and Kansas didn't lose.

Our apologies, as we normally put this out on Monday. Labor Day weekend must have gotten in the way.


1. Oklahoma

Impossible to really say anything about them because they hid on PPV this past weekend, however it's a perfect way for Heisman candidate Trevor Knight to start the season.

2. Baylor

Petty must have done something wrong because Briles left him in the game after he obviously suffered some type of injury. Bears win, but things might get dicey depending on health.

3. Oklahoma State

JW Patton. The Freek. The Beast. If that doesn't scare you, just listen to Glenn Spencer's pressers.

4. Kansas State

Bill Snyder and Willie get their shot at a big boy this week. Wait, that's next week. This week they actually get FCS wanna be Iowa State.

5. TCU

I have a feeling about Patterson and the Frogs, and it's got nothing to do with the Devil's Lettuce.

6. Texas

Ash's cantelope got busted again. He needs to call it a career. That sucks. Charlie not having any luck with Mack's leftover QB recruits.

7. West Virginia

They need to show me more, but they could easily surpass UT & TCU

8. Texas Tech

Less Kliff-ing, more coaching. That is, if he is capable of being anything but a pretty face.

9. Kansas

You suck, but at least you didn't get blasted by an FCS team that has more Big 12 wins in the last 4 years than you. Don't worry, you get your chance this weekend.

10. Iowa State

I think Rhoads is done.


1: OU-

I didn't actually see the game, but I heard it happened.

2: Baylor-

Petty fractured his spine but shouldn't miss time. Jesus. If I fracture my spine I'm taking a minimum of 6 weeks off work and moaning like a cheap who're every time I breathe.

3: UT-

David Ash needs to hang it up, I feel sorry for the guy, but I'd rather see him walk normally in 5 years than throw another pass.

4: KSU-

I don't remember who they played...

5: TCU-

...or who the Frogs played.

6: OSU-

We lost, good game and all, we are still 0-1.

7: WVU-

See above, but with Bama.

8: Tech-

Gonna be a long season.

9: Kansas-

Didn't lose to a D2 school...yet. Do they play one?

10: ISU-

Damn. Just, just damn.