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OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL: Tyreek Hill's first Cowboy TD

So just how many different views can we have of this? NEVER TOO MANY.

Ronald Martinez

In honor of The Freek's first OSU score, let's take a gander...

And another angle...

BTW...that ball was in the air for approximately 3.4 seconds. Which brings us to the "telestrator" view...

Just so we understand how fast he's moving...Hill is crossing the 31 yd line smack dab in the middle of the field as Garman releases the ball, and catches it at the 4 yd line exactly halfway between the left hash and the numbers. After some rough math and geometry, it's pretty clear that he has covered at least 31 yards while the ball was in the air for 3.4 seconds. That extrapolates out to a sub 4.4 "40" time in full pads, having already run almost 20 yards at full speed before being timed. That means he was traveling about 19mph when he entered the end zone. To take this out even further, Hill started at the OSU 48 just outside the right hash, and crossed the goal line just inside the numbers on the left side of the field. That's easily 60 yards, and he covered it in about 8 seconds with full gear, including a minor detour to avoid the safety.


Please, I'm begging. Let us see just one kickoff return...a punt return...hell, even a swing pass, jet sweep, or draw play...anything so we can gawk in awe as he takes it to the house on a play where our eyes never leave him.

Big thanks to Kyle at PFB for this post and this GIF...

that gave me the wonderful idea to put this together so I could watch it on a continuous loop for the next week. I promise to stop at some point and take a shower.