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What We Learned: Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech

Orange chrome looked as good as we dared dream, Tyreek Hill is a little bit fast, and Clint Chelf is a pretty great Twitter follow are some of the things we learn in this week's edition of What We Learned!

Brett Deering

We've given you our analysis of Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech. We've even recapped the game according to the Red Raider fans, but now it's time to hear what everyone on Twitter thought of the game.

Each week fans tweet us with insight from the game using the hashtag #CRFFWhatWeLearned. Starting this week I will be selecting a winner each week as the champion of Twitter! Here's the best tweets from this week!


Yes it does!

Have we mentioned he's fast?

Twitter doesn't allow enough characters for that hashtag...

4 verts or die.

I see what you did there.

He didn't choose OSU over Harvard for academics.



Well... At least there's that.

Inevitable really.

Was there any doubt after last week?

My own personal #CRFFWhatWeLearned: Clint Chelf can Twitter. First this...

And then this fantastic exchange with David Ubben!

There were some fantastic entries, but it's time to pick a winner.

The Champion of Twitter is... Daxx's Arm (@daxx_s)!