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Cowboys Ride For Free: Week Two Staff Picks

This week the CRFF team turns their attention towards picking the Cowboy's game against Missouri State.

Tom Pennington

As we all pack away our things and get ready for our trip to Stillwater we decided to predict what will happen in this weekends games. This weekend since every one thinks OSU will win some different questions about what will happen during the game were posed to them.

How many yards will Tyreek have?

  • Cory Treece: "Hill gets over 300 all purpose yards in 2.5 quarters before sitting most of the 2nd half."
  • Taylor York: "250"
  • Josh Poteet: "210. He won't get a lot of kick-off returns because Missouri State won't score much. Plus, the Missouri State punter can't kick very far so expect a lot of fair catches on punts. He gets 210 and then doesn't play the second half."
  • Derek Hatridge: "The Freek gets 298 yards, including walking in his last TD."
  • Evan Jones: "375 all purpose yards."
  • Cade Webb: "Tyreek ends up with 320 all purpose yards and a KO return for a TD."
I expect The Freek to shred through Missouri States defense and, like Josh said, if he gets opportunities in the return game to capitalize on them and make people look silly. I expect him to get around 200 yards with a couple TD's.

Who scores the most for OSU this week?

  • Cory Treece: "Childs will have 3 TD's and lead the scoring."
  • Taylor York: "Walsh: 3 passing TD's (please let this be true!)"
  • Josh Poteet: "Daxx Garman. He comes in and throws 4 TD's sparking a new QB battle."
  • Derek Hatridge: "David Glidden will get the most points for the Pokes. Bears will be so focused on Hill, Glidden will have time to sit in the end zone, have some tea and take a nap, all before catching the ball and making a touchdown."
  • Evan Jones: "Childs"
  • Cade Webb: "I think Walsh tosses 3 and runs for 1."
I think plenty of scoring will be had by all during the game this weekend. I personally feel like Walsh and the first teasers will score the most with Walsh accounting for 2 rushing and 2 passing TD's.

When does Gundy take Walsh out and who goes in next? Does anyone else play?

  • Cory Treece: "Garmin will come in mid 3rd quarter. Rudolph might see a little time late in the 4th."
  • Taylor York: "Gundy doesn't take Walsh or Tyreek out. They need practice, and I have this feeling Gundy wants to set Tyreek up for the Heisman. When was the last time we ever saw a game so focused on one player? I don't ever remember felling like Blackmon got the ball this much. Gundy wants to see Tyreek get every other snap until he is all the nation is talking about."
  • Josh Poteet: "Walsh comes out at the half and Daxx goes in and plays the rest of the game."
  • Derek Hatridge: "Gundy and Walsh enjoy visor and ball cap time near the end of the 3rd quarter. Daxx comes in, finishes the game to the rejoice of orange-clad fans."
  • Evan Jones: "If we are up by 3 or more touchdowns, then the second series of the 3rd quarter. Garman finishes the game out. I'm really pulling for a redshirt on Rudolph."
  • Cade Webb: "Walsh gets pulled at the beginning of the 3rd quarter after we are up 35-3. Daxx finishes the game. I am also pulling for a redshirt on Rudolph."
Halftime to sometime in the 3rd quarter is when we all expect Gundy to pull JW.  Some people expect all three QB's to play. I am with Evan and Cade though as I want to not see Rudolph play, hoping that he gets redshirted.

If the Cowboys get a victory this week will they continue to move up in the rankings?

  • Cory Treece: "OSU might move up, but I don;t think they will crack the top 25 until after the Tech game. Possibly after a victory versus UTSA if enough people put stock into our performance against FSU."
  • Taylor York: "If we dominate and Tyreek does something crazy (top 10 play, crazy yards, etc.) it will get good press, and that will keep us from dropping."
  • Josh Poteet: "If OSU wins this week then they move into the top 25 next week."
  • Derek Hatridge: "Pokes win, they're in. Don't think it will take too much to bump them up if they win and keep up the showing they had against FSU."
  • Evan Jones: "Unles some lower ranked teams (say 18-25) in the current top 25 gets knocked off by unranked opponents, no."
  • Cade Webb: "I think OSU needs to win two more games at least before it sees the top 25."
I agree with some of these guys in the thought that OSU won't crack the top 25 until at least a victory against UTSA. I do not think a win this week will go against them, however I don't think as much will be put into a victory because of who the opponent is.

That does it for this weeks predictions. Check back next Friday to see our picks for next weeks game. Go Pokes!