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Oklahoma State vs Missouri State: #CRFFBoldPredictions

We're a little over 24 hours away from game time. Let's see what you guys are boldly predicting for this weeks bout with Missouri State!

Ogbah just EATING Captain Crab.
Ogbah just EATING Captain Crab.
Ronald Martinez

After a painful loss, but great game, the Cowboys come back to Stillwater for the season home opener agains Missouri State.  Much like last week, we've got a lot of Tyreek Hillaka The Freek.  But that was to be expected.  Let us see what else you guys predicted for this potential blowout.

This would be amazing... Especially if he never broke "Gundy" face while they were going off!

Can't decide if Yurcich calls this or if JW Patton checks into it...

He can do it all...

Honestly... This wouldn't surprise me...

The silence would be deafening... Well... Unless people actually burst into flames... Then the screams would be deafening...

So is JW and Mason Hobbitses? (That might be a bit too nerd for a sports blog...)

If there is a Bold Prediction winner... This is it.

Honestly... I hope there are more...

Maybe Bigfoot is just fuzzy... All the time...


I hope so... I have high expectations for him.

Another Bigfoot shout out...

I'd just be so happy.

This is bold.  Because I think "QB Controversy" is Gundy's middle name.

It's never good for Bears in BPS.

That wraps up another week for #CRFFBoldPredictions!  Thanks for all of your participation!  Be sure to add yours in the comments section!