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THE REACTION: Oklahoma State's Edmon Low Library Fountain Runs Red

There's something different about the fountain in front of Edmon Low Library on Orange Friday this week, and most Cowboy fans probably aren't happy about it.

The OSU Cowboys face off against opponent Missouri State tomorrow but the fans are already at battle.

It appears that some MSU fans were on campus either late last night or early this morning to dye the beloved fountain maroon. If you've never been to campus, the fountain is a normal color for the beginning of the year but usually changes to orange after dyed right before conference play. So dying our fountain the color of the opposing team the day before kickoff is not settling well with most Cowboys.

Game prediction: pain.

My favorite was the OSU Alumni official Twitter feed posted this:

Could work.

Could we get one of the Buckingham Palace Guards dressed up as Pistol Pete?


Haha, #BlameFord

Probably not well, even before the prank

Pretty much.

A few people were sort of okay with it.

Until they realized it wasn't dye.

Then folks started to get angry

Someone must pay.

Very, very angry.

It's all cleaned up now though, and Matt Fletcher is right, They're the real MVP

What do you think Cowboy fans? Does the team take out the anger on MSU tomorrow and beat them even worse than some projected?