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INSTANT RECAP: Oklahoma State 40 Missouri State 23

Welcome back to football, Daxx Garman.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Daxx. Daxx Daxx. Daxx Daxx Daxx Daxx. Daxx Daxx, Daxx Daxx Daxx. Daxx Daxx. Daxxxxxx.

The Oklahoma State starting quarterback job is once again a mystery for the orange-clad faithful. After JW Walsh went down with an apparent sprain, local unicorn Daxx Garman finally saw real-time game action for the first time since the Jurassic Age. And boy howdy, what a performance it was.

Garman's arm immediately showed what Cowboys fans have been hearing since his exodus from the desert. Great field vision, quick footwork and then there's this. I'm still reeling from it.

Rennie Childs added to the Pokes' points party himself, and Tyreek Hill is still a Freek. But the first half story was Garman's arm, and it was some glorious football.

Not all was without fault, however. The kicking game is one big WOOF and the offensive line is going to need some work. Glenn Spencer's defense looked to be feeling some Big Game Hangover symptoms and Missouri State, for the most part, looked to run where they pleased, unless that destination was the endzone. But special teams defense made up for it with three, count 'em: THREE blocked kicks.

In the second half, it was more or less visor time for Gundy. Hill, who continued having explosive plays, must hold the record for most yards with the least amount of scoring, but man is he fun to watch. And the defense came out so sloppy, I'm surprised Spencer didn't sacrifice a freshman on the sidelines.

All in all, the Cowboys coasted to a home opening win, but in a fashion no one quite expected. The fountain was avenged, and the season stands at 1-1. Now, let us all rejoice that this wasn't the week the Pokes had to play UTSA.