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CRFF WEEK 2 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Texas falling fast

King and I went a couple different directions here, but one thing we absolutely agree on is this...the Longhorns currently stink.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

There were only two worthwhile games on the docket, and one of those turned out to be not worthwhile, unless you're into making fun of UT. On to the amateur opinions...


1. Oklahoma

Lathered up Tulsa. At least they did this one on free TV. Still didn't watch.

2. Baylor

Lathered up FCS Northwestern State with a backup QB and freshman receivers, because everyone else is hurt. Bring in North Dakota State and we might have ourselves a game.

3. TCU

Lathered up...wait...they had a bye. That only counts as a win if you're Kansas or Iowa State.

4. Oklahoma State

Once again, we see what happens when an "arm" guides the offense, and Walsh's injury has totally bailed out Gundy, but I'll bet "OR" starts at QB next week. This team is young and talented, which makes them just as much of a danger to everyone else as they are to themselves.

5. West Virginia

Looking like they could be in the top half of the league. Red Bull and flammable couches for everyone!

6. Kansas State

Need to start beating Div I FBS teams before I move you up. Wait....

7. Texas

At least you got run off the field by the same team that ran you off the field last season. Tough not to do when you don't have any players left on your roster. Any second thoughts, Charlie?

8. Texas Tech

So Kliff, how's that offensive coordinator job at Texas A&M looking right now?

9. Kansas

At least you can beat an FCS team...barely....

10. Iowa State

Keep the faith, Cyclones. You still have Toledo, Kansas, Texas, and Texas Tech on the schedule.


1: Oklahoma

I had some sweet Tulsa jokes prepared, then we struggled against the Bears.

2: TCU

I'll give the Frogs the nod because Petty is hurt.

3: Baylor

I tried to think of a joke, failed.

4: Kansas State

Well they won.

5: Oklahoma State

Well we won.

6: West Virginia

Somehow Dana has cooled his seat by going 1-1.

7: Tech

Somehow 2-0.

8: Kansas

This is the highest I've ranked Kansas in 4 years.

9: Texas

Conversely this is the lowest I've ranked Texas in 4 years.

10: Iowa State

Looked like a football team this weekend, but are still 0-2.