Controversy Around Daxx Garman's High School Career.


From Pistols Firing Blog:
Kyle Porter published an article discussing Daxx Garman's path to Oklahoma State, and inside it was this gem of a video.

Kyle points out that Daxx's father overreacts to a reporter, but for me that isn't the most troubling part of the video. Who thought it would be a good idea to let Kevin Ozee do an interview on camera? Is it just me or does he have the worst poker face / creepiest smile ever?

My biggest issue with the video is with the guy asking the questions. Why is a reporter chasing a family across state lines and spying on them? All to try and prove a single kid might not be technically eligible to play a high school sport?

None of it matters though, because it's four years old, and we've gone from whether or not Daxx is allowed to play, to whether he should play. It was an interesting story to say the least, and a good find by Pistols Firing.

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