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Week 2 is in the books. Let's see how our opponents got along this past weekend.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It's always good to be able to quickly review how opponents past and present are performing, which can obviously have quite an effect on OSU in the polls.

The title will be indicative of the week...last week was Opponents 101. Week 2 is Opponents 201, and so on. Got it?

Unless otherwise noted, all future games are on Saturday. Without further delay, here's the list for 2014:

Florida State Seminoles

Record: 2-0 (ACC Atlantic, 0-0)

Last Game: vs The Citadel

Result: W, 37-12

Next Opponent: vs #23 Clemson

National Ranking: 1


The Seminoles took the foot off the gas pretty early in this one. Doesn't tell us much, but this coming Saturday will most definitely show us what Florida State has in the tank as #23 Clemson comes calling for an 8pm Eastern tilt in Tallahassee on ABC.

Missouri State Bears (FCS)

Record: 1-1 (MVC, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Oklahoma State

Result: L, 40-23

Next Opponent: vs North Dakota

National Ranking: NR (received votes)


Missouri State acquitted themselves well against the Cowboys, as OSU had to overcome the loss of starter J.W. Walsh. They should have it much easier this week, and should win, as they face North Dakota State's "little brother."

UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) Roadrunners

Record: 1-1 (Conf USA - West, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Arizona

Result: L, 26-23

Next Opponent: @ Oklahoma State

National Ranking: NR


Thank heavens this was not OSU's opponent last week. Let's hope the Cowboys don't regret having them this week. Gonna be a tough test, and Daxx Garman's first collegiate start.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Record: 2-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ UTEP

Result: W, 30-26

Next Opponent: vs Arkansas

National Ranking: NR


Ryan Gosling and Yosemite Sam have stumbled their way to 2-0. Better get that straight, but not before 9/25.

Iowa State Cyclones

Record: 0-2 (Big 12, 0-1)

Last Game: vs Kansas State

Result: L, 32-28

Next Opponent: @ Iowa

National Ranking: NR


The Cyclones acquitted themselves much better this week, until you remember that North Dakota State is actually better than Kansas State....

Kansas Jayhawks

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs SE Missouri State

Result: W, 34-28

Next Opponent: @ Duke

National Ranking: Do I have to keep typing this line?


The Jayhawks were cruising along, until Charlie forgot to tell them they had to play all 4 quarters. SEMS scored 21 in the 4th to bring Kansas back to reality. The trip to Duke could be "interesting."


Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: Bye

Result: NA

Next Opponent: vs Minnesota

National Ranking: NR


The Frogs and the Gophers. I'm still working on how this animal confrontation could actually go down.


Record: 1-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Towson

Result: W, 54-0

Next Opponent: @ Maryland

National Ranking: NR


West Virginia took advantage of their soft landing, and will now look to take revenge on last year's home loss to Maryland. Dana looks like he may actually have a decent team this season.


Record: 2-0 (Big 12, 1-0)

Last Game: @ Iowa State

Result: W, 32-28

Next Opponent: vs #5 Auburn

National Ranking: #19


This could be a rude awakening for the Wildcats, as they go from beating an FCS team, to barely beating a team that lost to an FCS team, to the #5 team in the country that lost in the national championship game last season.


Record: 1-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs BYU

Result: L, 41-7

Next Opponent: vs #12 UCLA

National Ranking: NR


Man oh man, the dumpster fire is in full bloom in Austin, and there is no relief on the horizon.


Result: 2-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Northwestern State

Result: W, 70-6

Next Opponent: @ Buffalo (Friday)

National Ranking: 8


Down goes Petty, and several veteran wide receivers. The backup QB and freshman wideout hang a bunch on a team that doesn't even qualify as a lightweight. May see the same gig this week as the Bears head to WAY upstate NY. Hope nobody blows a hammie slipping on the deck of the Maid of the Mist. At some point they have to play a competitive game. Will be at least 10/18 before that happens.


Record: 2-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Tulsa

Result: W, 52-7

Next Opponent: vs Tennessee

National Ranking: 4


OU hid out on PPV, then played a game that nobody wanted to watch. That all comes to an end when Tennessee comes calling. Not sure they're gonna provide a whole lot of resistance, but it will definitely be more than the Sooners have seen the first two weeks.

Keep and eye out at CRFF for game times and channels for all the Big 12 action.