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#CRFFWhatWeLearned From Playing Missouri State!

The Oklahoma State Cowboys played FCS pushover Missouri State on Saturday, and now it's time to discuss what we learned from the game!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for another edition of #CRFFWhatWeLearned! As you can imagine most of the tweets were about Daxx Garman, but Ben Grogan, Mike Gundy, and Tyreek Hill all get shout outs too.

A huge thanks to Fox Sports' David Ubben for sending in his #CRFFWhatWeLearned! If you aren't following him on Twitter, you're missing out!

Truth, but they can't all be Florida State!

That's the wooden death trap in Tulsa right? My grandparents used to take me to Bells every year. That thing scared the poop out of me. So yeah, I'd agree with that.

And you all didn't believe.

Woah. Let's dial that back a bit.

I can't put that on Gundy. Would be tough for any team, let alone one as young as OSU is.

I laughed so hard.

I didn't think the game was all that bad, but okay.

Seriously, how has this not happened?

Nailed it.

This +1000.

Pretty much.


To be fair, I think pretty much anyone the Pokes play are terrified of Hill.

We've officially jumped the shark.

The scores were like a magic eye puzzle. If you looked away you had to stare at it for another 5 minutes to figure out how to read it.

That wraps it up for this week. Don't forget to share your #CRFFBoldPredictions for the UTSA game and the rest of the Big 12 match-ups!

Let us know what you learned from the game in the comments below!