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Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game Results: Missouri State

The results of our weekly Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game poll.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After the game against Missouri State we asked you who the Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game should be. After a couple of days voting, you all have voted for...

Daxx Garman

Daxx Garman came in to the game to step in for the injured J.W. Walsh and boy did he step up big not only on the field, but in the polls, taking in 82% of votes!

The Cowboys' leading wide receiver, Brandon Sheperd, finished with 16% of votes, and Rennie Childs only received 2%.

I have to agree with the crowd on this one. In his first game since 2009, Garman threw for 244 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions including a miraculous 87 yard touchdown pass to Brandon Sheperd.

Although not the MVP for the Pokes, Sheperd had quite a game himself, amassing 131 yards and a touchdown on only four receptions. He is making his case early to become the go-to guy at wide receiver.

Rennie Childs' lack of votes came as no surprise. Despite having two touchdowns, he didn't have many rushing yards, largely due to the success in the passing game.

Like last week, I asked some members of the media on Twitter who they'd vote for.

The Tulsa World's Bill Haisten (@billhaisten) voted for Daxx Garman.

David Ubben at Fox Sports (@davidubben) is gold! Once again, he doesn't choose a player.

Big thanks to those guys and if you would like to keep up with the Cowboys and other things happening around the Big 12, be sure to follow them on Twitter if you haven't already.

Come back next Sunday to vote for the Player of the Game after the Pokes rough up the Roadrunners of UTSA.

Go Pokes!