A catch, or not a catch, that is the question


Yep, that's right, I invoked Shakespeare.

What else am I supposed to do sitting in Minneapolis for 3 hours watching 5 million replays of the Dez Bryant non-game changing non-catch?

A lot of folks keep talking about whether or not the ball hit the ground. IMO, that actually doesn't matter. The ball definitely hit the ground.

What matters is the "process" part of the rule.

My contention is this...if he had caught the ball on the dead run, taking two or three steps in control of his body as well as the ball, there would have been no question.

But since he took a second to fully control the ball, all the while stumbling to the ground obviously NOT in control of his body, it was easy for the replay guy to call it incomplete.

NOT saying it's right, but I can see how they could have overturned it. To me, he clearly was in control of the ball as he was reaching for the goal line, and by then he was clearly down by any number of rules in the NFL, but he was still in the "process" of catching the ball, according to the interpretation of the rule.

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