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This Day In Cowboy History: Boggan's Miracle

January 16th, 2007, A review and some memories.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Lets talk for a few minutes about what might have been the last truly special moment in Suttondom. A, at the time, favorite son, Mario Boggan(s) (shout out to Kyle Porter) played Kevin Durant to a draw. Again, a guy last seen drawing oxygen from Doritos Tacos beat the most popular athlete in the state of Oklahoma. Oh yeah I was there too! Not in the everybody lies type of way, but in the front row of the South Side. Eight years ago today

This clock saving miracle

and my number one "No, no no no no YES!!!!" moments in Oklahoma State sports history

are what everyone remembers

I've got so many other memories. I remember being mad at Kevin Durant for saying he'd be fine in GIA because he'd played in hostile places since 8th grade. Didn't he understand? This wasn't some half gym half volleyball court with roll up bleachers. This was the legendary white maple! Seriously I was stupid in college. Something was wrong with me.Flag football playing reasonable human who loves his mom KD hadn't been revealed yet.  I now realize I love KD and I don't even watch the NBA. He's the best.

It was cold and icy outside and inside GIA was less crowded than the packed houses we had become accustomed to. It still got loud though, and feeling Gallagher- Iba arena vibrate is a unique college experience. I made it in one piece because I still lived on campus as a sophomore. I remember being exhausted from jumping up and down through the second overtime and wondering in amazement how tired the players must have been. The feeling of dread when Tyler Hatch had to come in and play 33 minutes after Marcus Dove and Byron Eaton both fouled out. When my classmate and NBA world champion Terrel Harris made the defensive stop to seal it I was ecstatic. I KNOW THAT GUY! and finally, being baffled why the higher ranked, favored team was storming the court. I got out there was fun and cranky old people are terrible.

The oddest part about that season is how bad that team collapsed. From 12th ranked to the NIT in six weeks is a rare feat. Looking back on the game I have great memories, but also some sadness. I'll never see another game live, that was better than that one.