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Marcus Smart Responds to Backlash

In an interview recently, OSU fan-favorite Marcus Smart said, "At OSU, I was on a team where I had to take bad shots..."

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Smart was known for many things in his short tenure at Oklahoma State; his leadership, physicality, athletic ability, flopping, but one thing that NBA analysts said about him when he left for the draft was that he would have to work on his shot, and that he didn't choose his shots wisely.

Recently, Marcus has been shooting well from the field at 43% over his last 10 games. When asked about what was different, Marcus said, "In college, I took a lot of bad shots because I was on a team where I had to take a lot of bad shots... Here, I just have to knock down open shots and take the good ones."

Marcus' comment was not met with much agreement from the OSU fanbase. Marcus responded to the criticism of his comments with some words on twitter...

So what do you think; Is Marcus right?