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GET OUT THE ERASER: Historic Bedlam moment vanishes

Arguably the greatest individual Bedlam moment ever for Oklahoma State apparently never happened.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

What was supposed to be a 20 day odyssey between Idaho and Texas is trying to come to an abrupt end.

I say trying because I was supposed to fly home tonight as meetings next week were cancelled, however my flight was cancelled due to the winter weather back East. This has left me in a bit of a foul mood, but that seems perfect for a rant.

And OSU gave me a reason.

The media department did another fantastic job putting together 2014 season highlights, except for one problem...

Dave Hunziker told a fib of sorts.

At the beginning of the video, Hunziker proclaims...

"Here's a look back at all the great moments and all the great plays of 2014."

Ummmmm, not quite.

We are noticeably missing THE greatest moment and play. Just so we don't forget...

So I get it.

OSU doesn't want to celebrate a moment that wouldn't have been possible without this player (or the idiotic coaching decision made by Stoops), a player who subsequently was quite reasonably booted from the team after being arrested for physically abusing his girlfriend (and to my knowledge he has yet to be convicted of any wrongdoing).

But it's really just strange.

While the video is very well done, it doesn't feel complete. That return in Bedlam is without question, for me, the single biggest historical Bedlam moment EVER for the Cowboys. It's just a smidgen above Fields to Woods in 2001. At worst, it's right up there with it, and you'd have an impossible task trying to convince me it wasn't the most exciting play of 2014.

But according to OSU's athletic and media departments, it was no different than a Desmond Roland handoff on 3rd and 12 into a pile.

I don't know about you, but I can separate the person from the player, and the play. The moment is in no way dimished for me because of what happened afterwards. Does celebrating the play and the moment mean I'm condoning physical abuse?

The announcer nailed it...92 yards of history. All kinds of sites still have stories and videos up about the play. The Oklahoman still has a post about it. If Franco Harris had been accused of child abuse, would the Immaculate Reception disappear from ESPN highlight reels?

I'm just checking...did any of "The Return" tshirts we sold up and vanish into thin air?

If not, then the play still exists, and 2014 highlights are incomplete without it.

And it seems a bit too cautious for OSU.