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Oklahoma State Recruiting: Darrion Daniels Film Analysis

The Cowboys got their man today, and he is currently the best overall player in Mike Gundy's 2015 recruiting class. Could Daniels commit be a sign of greater things to come, by National Signing Day? Only time will tell.

Darrion Daniels will have early opportunities to play on the Cowboys defensive line.
Darrion Daniels will have early opportunities to play on the Cowboys defensive line.

Strengths: Power, Athleticism, Speed

Weaknesses: Raw, Stands Up Too Quickly, Tackles High

If there is a word to describe Darrion Daniels, it is disruptive.

The 6'4'', 300-pound defensive tackle will surprise fans with his speed and overall athleticism, but there is a lot that Joe Bob Clements can work with in continually molding this raw talent. Daniels has a lot of power in his massive frame, but when he is able to use leverage at a lower point, he should be able to convert that raw power into even more disruption at the point of attack. Daniels could do himself a favor and work on tackling with a lower center of gravity as well. Collegiate running backs will be harder to take down and he won't always be able to swallow them up with his body.

Projection: As a freshman, look for Daniels to make an immediate impact. Daniels is arguably the best defensive tackle that Mike Gundy has ever brought in. Vincent Taylor has yet to play in a major role, so his highly touted potential is still waiting in the wings. Size wise, Gundy has not had as massive a player as Daniels anchoring his defensive line. With the graduation of star James Castleman and the tough Ofa Hautau, the Cowboys will need some people to fill those voids and while Daniels may not start, his presence will be felt.