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Buy Or Sell - Oklahoma State Wins This Weekend

It's the most basic of buys or sells, but it's probably the only real question

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State is 4-0 for the first time since 2011, when the Cowboys ended up just barely missing the national title game. I'm not going to dive deeper than that, as the scab may bleed if we tear it off for some of you.

What I am going to do is sort of compare that Oklahoma State had trouble in the first half. Only scoring three points and entering the break down 20-3 isn't ideal, no matter who you're playing. Thankfully, OSU had an amazing comeback and won 30-29. Was the Texas game anything like that? No, not technically. But OSU did win with no time left on the clock, and it was a signature win against a team that went 7-6 that year.

Not very far from where the Longhorns could end up if they fix their special team issues and if Heard continues to grow. So here's what you're buying.


Oklahoma State has beaten Kansas State every time in Stillwater since 1999. Streaks aren't meant to be broken. So instead of a rough outing, the Cowboys expose a "strong" Wildcat defense who hasn't played very many good teams. The Cowboys also find ways to get into the Wildcat quarterback head early and often with a nightmare front seven. Cowboys win by more than 10, we'll say around 30-17.


You can look at it the other way as streaks are meant to be broken. That and the Wildcat defense really is good and this walk-on All-Star Joe Hubener guy makes the Cowboy defense look like a fake. Cowboys lose 30-24 and drop to 4-1.