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CRFF Roundtable - Is Mason going to be OK, what about that game? Thank you Lubbock-Based Texas Haters

Is Rudolph OK? Do we win? Don't forget to respond in comments

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Don't forget to join in on the discussion here, this will be an open thread for the rest of the day

1) How bad was that game guys? I mean, who paid for the refs to be corrupt? All kidding aside, what's your thoughts on that whole situation?

2) Was it Mason being hurt or the offense just not being good?

3) What do you see happening this week?

Jeremy Golden

1.  The game was about as ugly as it could get and they still pulled it out on the road. The refs were terrible, and it just so happened to actually benefit the Cowboys this week. Feels good to have the refs on your side.

2.  Mason was absolutely hurt. You don't go from a 70 percent completion rate guy to sailing and flailing every pass.  I thought it was a forearm or elbow bruise due to what seemed like his inability to grip the ball. I know Rennie ran solidly but Carson is a guy that can wear the defense down and get better with more carries. The offense missed him too.

3.  I'm hoping Rudolph is out there and back to normal. If that's the case, they should be good to go.


That game was bad. The refs were bad enough that I actually contemplated Boone dropping a thick envelope off before the game. But seriously, suck ass Texas. Most of the Big 12 has been subject to atrocious officiating except you. Karma.

I trust Gundy that Rudolph had something happen that caused numbness in his thumb (hit a helmet?). I don't trust Gundy that he's fine...

Which leads to this response...If Rudolph is fine, he starts and the leash is long, OR Rudolph dinged his thumb pretty bad (remember Weeden?), and the leash is short based on our ability to run the ball on KState. Struggle, and his hand can't handle the passing (ie: turnovers), Walsh will be the man pretty quickly.

Cory Treece

1. Game was awesome in the first quarter. The rest of the game was a terrible. UT crying about the refs is pretty comical to me considering all the fortuitous calls they've gotten in the past. 

2. Mason had to be hurt. He threw so many lame ducks in the 2nd half. The overthrows early on however was something he has been doing and needs to correct which I think he will.

3. If Rudolph is healthy and we open it up just a little, it should be a comfortable victory. However I don't expect any games other than KU and maybe ISU to be comfortable wins so I'll be nervous again.

Kyle Cox

It was rough to watch as far as offense and special teams. Defense still continues to look the part. We have to hope they either move some guys around on the o-line or things somehow get better. I know UT has athletes but they are far from the best defensive front the Cowboys will see.

I thought he had to be hurt just watching some of those throws. Not just missing throws high but how they came out of his hand. I hope that was the issue but that it was nothing serious. If not, that seemed out of character for him. Only time will tell I guess.

I'm optimistically assuming we have some type of bounce back game. The line is not good but some different play calling could have made it look not horrible. I've got the Pokes winning 28-17 because of the defense.


1: Game was awesome, we totally paid off the refs and stole one from the dairy cows. The boos at the stadium were as sweet as angels singing. Fat, drunken angels.

2: He was faking it for additional ref sympathy.

3: We'll win thanks to Whetsells presence.

Cameron Osburn

1. That officiating. Just wow. Anyways, game was awesome being there for my first OSU road game was awesome too. Anytime you feel the team didn't play up to par yet you win IN DKR is a great sign in my opinion.

2. I hope Rudolph was dinged up because MAN was he throwing some ducks. Still couldn't stand the play calling though in the second half.

3. A lot of this depends on Mason. If he is okay I think we take care of business. If not, game gets a whole lot more interesting. I think JW is more than capable of leading us to a win but it'll be a lot closer.

Nick Tyler

The refs weren't good and I don't like having won that way, although I don't think it was exactly all the refs fault I think that's just one thing that's easy to blame. I'll take it that though a win is a win and I'm excited we're still undefeated.

I sure hope it was Rudolph being hurt, and I honestly think that was a big part of it. The offense has had it's struggles though. I think the running game is going to be a problem all year but I think this offense still has the potential to be productive.

I think we win, and comfortably. We were cruising versus Texas until the Rudolph fumble and I think we may see the team that came out in the first quarter for all four quarters this week. I'm going to be an optimist and say that when we look back on this season the Texas game will be our worst showing.

Nathan Hymel

In Boone Picken's letter to Texas there was some side cash for the refs. But to play as bad as Oklahoma State did and to still come away with a win on the road in conference play is incredible. Of course with just a little bit of help from the zebras. Thanks Mr. Pickens

I'm buying that something was wrong with Mason Rudolph. In the first quarter the offense was the best it had looked all season. After 'the play" everything changed. The offense will be ok going forward.

Mason Rudolph returns to his old self at home. Kansas State keeps it close through the first half with OSU pulling away in the second half. I'll go 34-17

Okstate Gents

The game starting out actually had me jumping all around my house from joy. The offense was clicking faster than my seat belt when I see a cop. But the wheels came off because it was too good to be true and the game out of hand. But boohoo heaven forbid Texas NOT get a call their way (I'm guessing they didn't thank the refs for 2012). Cry babies.

No doubt in my mind something was off with his hand. But on a side note he does leave balls high. I'm not a football guru but at times it seems like he doesn't get his feet set (something Gundy mentioned) which I know he'll fix. Some people are expecting perfection out of this kid way too soon, just give him 3 more games then we can call for it. Carson and Childs work great in combo. Glad Childs got more work because I said he needed it last week and he ran on a mission. Line was scary.

I'm hoping the wizard leaves his wand at home. A solid 20-30 point win would ease my nerves for the rest of the season.

So, what's your response?