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Rennie Childs Possibly Out, Starting Running Back Shake Up

Things are happening.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning, The Orange Factor tweeted out that running back Rennie Childs may have suffered a concussion in practice. Childs has looked like a completely new back this year, averaging 4.2 yards per carry on 42 attempts for a total of 177 yards. Some have been calling for Childs to be the new starter, but with this possible injury, we won't likely see him on Saturday against the Kansas State Wildcats.

With the injury to Childs and the running game struggling, I've been told that there will be a new starting running back for the Cowboys. According to sources, Jeff Carr, who has 51 yards on 10 attempts this season, will start for Oklahoma State against KSU.

We will keep you updated on these stories as the day unfolds.


Chris Carson could still start. But likely won't. Likely to still play, but not at 100 percent.