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CRFF Gameday Mailbag and Bold Predicitons

It's game day, folks. But we've got a while until kickoff.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago I announced we would do a mailbag. You didn't think I forgot did you? Here it is, something for you to read and ponder over all day.

Good question. I think Yurcich will probably get a contract extension. However, don't be surprised if someone named Monken gets fired from his head coaching job and OSU gives him another look.

No question. He may be one of the more NFL ready talents Gundy has had at OSU other than Dez. I think Ogbah can only stop himself, he's going to get at least 15 sacks this year and should win the award. In a league full of injuries to major defensive players, it's possible he runs away with it.

Two. His Star Wars set and his Minons one.

What's funny is that not many people have said this. But I think it's a possibility. I'm not sure that Gundy will change his game plan that much though, he's been very vocal on setting up the pass with the run. However, with the injury to Joseph, it could happen this weekend.

Oh wait, another surprise for you....


Not entirely sure he could throw for 400 plus against this very stellar defense. However, if he does, hello 6-0.

Trolls are great. Especially when he probably didn't think anyone would see this.

Get your popcorn ready!

This is very bold and technically one of the few actual predictions.