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The Day After - Still Counts, 6-0

Who cares what it looked like? I sure as heck don't.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

1) Mason Rudlph

Ah, where to start. It's not looking great. I will say one thing, Walsh is not the answer. He's good in little bits and pieces but the Cowboys aren't 7-0 if Walsh starts all of these games. However, Rudolph has had some bad throws these past few weeks. I will say, UT was an injury. WVU was the best secondary in the conference, even missing their best defensive back. Two of those interceptions weren't terrible, one was a volleyball hit from James Washington, making that two for Rudolph on the year that are practically receiver fumbles. I think he'll be fine. He's no Heisman winner, but he's nine games into his career and has an 8-1 record. Take your finger off the trigger, folks.

2) Mike Yurcich

Kyle Fredrickson wrote a piece earlier this week saying that Gundy is the one who tells Yurcich to go conservative at times. If that's true, he needs to stop. Regardless, there's a Mike on staff who needs to change something. I've constantly protected Yurcich and Gundy, but calling eight 50/50 balls in one game when your quarterback succeeds at throwing slants, posts and 10 yard in-routes or generally anything in the middle of the field gets kind of predictable. That's another reason to back off Rudolph. If the play calling is predictable, he's predictable. He can only do so much with the plays they're calling.

3) This defense, though

I'm not sure I could write enough words on how good this defense is. Ogbah might be the best dang defensive end in the country. Every play, he's running at 100 miles per hour and it doesn't look like anyone can stop him. What makes it even better is that on the other side, Jimmy Bean is also a top sack guy in the nation, standing in the top 10. Defensive backs got a little tired there in the second half, leading to the WVU almost-comeback. If OSU wants to win easily, they'll have to stop turning it over offensively.

4) A win is a win

It's an ugly win. However, they didn't win off of penalties like the past few weeks (allegedly) and didn't NEED Grogan at the end. The overtime win was one of the more exciting games since the OU game last year and the Pokes are now 2-0 in their last two overtime games. It wasn't pretty offensively, but when your defense is this good, you got to respect and enjoy it.

5) The Big 12 title hopes are very much alive

Now, of course, any team in this conference can win any game, except Kansas, but they traded that away for basketball. So there's still plenty of games OSU could lose. However, if it plays out well, the Cowboys will have the only two undefeated teams in the conference at home near the end of the season. TCU has proven to be shaky on defense due to unfortunate injuries and Baylor, well, no one really knows what to think about them. The defense held down a great Texas Tech offense but it's still Texas Tech. We'll see, but Baylor is the biggest threat to the Cowboys that isn't themselves.

6) Rennie Childs needs to start

I think we're all in agreement here. He's better and faster. These holes the offensive line does open up close super quick and it seems as if Chris Carson is almost too patient to run through them. I'm not saying he's bad, he's not. He's a good, powerful back who can find holes and maneuver when he has time. Unfortunately, this line isn't going to give him that against premier teams.

7) We're going bowling and history should be made

Ok, pending Kansas waking up from its football coma it's been in for a while, OSU could be at 7-0 after homecoming on October 24. That'll secure the first 10-year period in OSU history where there was not a single losing record. Congrats Gundy, you've built a stable football program. Oh and at 6-0, Oklahoma State matches last years regular season win total and is officially a bowl team.