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Player of The Game Week 6: West Virginia

If you're still alive, it's time to vote for this week's player of the game.

J.W. Walsh & the Cowboy's got a hard earned victory in Morgantown.
J.W. Walsh & the Cowboy's got a hard earned victory in Morgantown.
Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Another heart stopping finish yields some new faces in this weeks edition of Player of The Game.

J.W. Walsh (QB2) - Walsh has already stitched himself into the folklore of Oklahoma State Football but he is beginning to transcend into statue status (J.W. handing to Barry Sanders eh?). People will look back at the stats and ask why we make a big deal out of this "Walsh" guy. And this game was no different as once again the stats don't tell the story as J.W. finished the game 2/3 passing for 10 yards and a touchdown as well as four rushes for 17 yards and a HUGE touchdown (see below) in overtime that went on to be the game winner. Again, I think it's more about his leadership and will to win and all the other cliche, but very real, things he does for this team that make him a worthy candidate.

Emmanuel Ogbah (DE) - Ogbah was nothing short of first-team All-American good Saturday night. I mean this play is just off the charts good:

This stat line is insane: Six solo tackles, two assisted tackles, eight total tackles (we're just getting warmed up), two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, one touchdown (almost finished), one tackle for loss, one sack and one quarterback hurry.

He played like a comic book hero Saturday night so this is warranted:

What's crazy, and why he will likely be a high first round pick, is it still seems like he's capable of more.

Tre Flowers (S) - Flowers quietly is putting together a really good year but last night was his best performance to date. Flowers had a team high 13 total tackles with 10 being solo. He also contributed two pass breakups in the victory. Flowers teamed with Sterns has made for a pretty lethal duo this season.

All right, so here's the poll for the Cowboy's cardiac victory over West Virginia. Do something good for your heart (fish oils, cheerios) during the bye week because I highly doubt this is the last time we're going to go through this.