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Oklahoma State vs West Virginia: As Told by Mountaineer Fans

The ups and downs of the Oklahoma State/West Virginia Game made for a very entertaining gamethread on The Smoking Musket

Dana is pissed
Dana is pissed
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Another week, another win on the last play of the game for Oklahoma State. The Cardiac Cowboys were at it again this weekend, wrecking havoc on our blood pressure and finding ways to make us curse at our TVs one minute and then run around in celebration 15 minutes later. The experience of watching that game was equally stressful for our friends over on the Smoking Musket game thread. The comeback of West Virginia in the 2nd half set the stage for a disappointing loss in overtime for the 'Eers. Let's start at the beginning...


This field position es no bueno

Damn. An early turnover would have been nice!

"Karl Joseph is undersized at 5'11 190 pounds, but he comes up with bad intentions".

but that punt wasnt bad

Crest was in the backfield. No Smallwood that first series

M. Rudolph pass intercepted,T. Chestnut return for 0 yds - ESPN Video

Mason Rudolph pass intercepted Terrell Chestnut return for no gain to the WVirg 6

WOOOOOO. Chestnut has the two easiest picks in football history


"Take me home, country roads."

ball at the 5 again...

Parent's at the game. Dad said they showed a Joseph clip and a Thank you Joseph chant was started.

Worley carried out Karl Joseph's jersey during the team entrance too.


I'm beginning to see why we ran it 3 times straight. Gonna have to start calling it the Neutered Raid.

Well this offense looks familiar


Sad Joseph won't be on the field, hopefully this offense can click after these two 3 and outs.

i keep reading that as Sir Joseph

As well it should be read.

Holy fcking field position batman

Defense continues to stand strong.

damnit another start from inside the 10

First downs are needed this drive to at least flip the field.

Howard still looks rattled from last week. No confidence right now

S. Howard run for -8 yds,S. Howard fumbled, recovered by OKSt E. Ogbah,for a TD, (B. Grogan KICK) - ESPN Video

Skyler Howard run for a loss of 8 yards Skyler Howard fumbled, recovered by OKSt Emmanuel Ogbah for a TD (Ben Grogan KICK)

Howard. Bench him please.

Bench Howard. That's it.


well... now we'll get to at least get the ball away from the goaline hope

well, i...just...but...what...

what happend? I blinked and missed something

Not sure that's all on Howard if Smallwood sort of ran into him, but he does look so awful right now. Will Crest really be any better though?

He can run it better. And he can't be any worse throwing it.

Can crest even throw??? I don't know that I've seen him throw a pass more than 3 yards

Can Howard throw? I've seen one on-target throw.

I suppose

least now maybe we can get some decent field position....all part of the plan?

im sad. someone tell a joke?

Have you seen our qb


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Howard isn't good
Oh God make it stop....Oh wait you said a joke....Sorry.....

Damn. Still Howard.

Can Crest throw? Hmm. Texas just got a big win today against a team we couldn't beat with a quarterback who can't throw. Horns just beat the hell out them with ground, pound and speed. SMH. Anyways, or maybe I'm getting tired of the giveaways.

peace out ... i cant deal with the Howard/Crest shit another week. If some of you can coach football, go f****** coach... but Dana makes a lot more goddamn money than any of you to know that he's not as good (go watch the spring game, Crest cant throw the goddamn ball!)

It's not like Howard is doing well....I mean, have you seen his last 75 minutes of football???? It'd be one thing if he was at least plating decent

Dillon is a man.

GAM. My goodness, the defense came to play.

KJ Dillon just killed that man in tribute to Karl Joseph

R. Shell run for 5 yds,R. Shell fumbled, forced by E. Ogbah, recovered by OKSt C. Whitener - ESPN Video

Rushel Shell run for 5 yds to the WVirg 28 Rushel Shell fumbled, forced by Emmanuel Ogbah, recovered by OKSt Chad Whitener

Jesus Christ. Honestly would not give a shit to ever see Russell Shell touch another football for this school

Bleach. Into my eyes. Please.

Why in the f****** f*** does Shell get more carries this offense is the kid who sniffs glue in the corner whilst pissing all over themselves.

Wrap it up.. That's a common rake for the football. Hold onto the good damn thing. I'm pretty close to the bench and Holgerson was just yelling at his football team.

Do us a favor and yell at them also.

Yes Please light into them too.

And who the hell kidnapped Worley He's overrunning everything! TURN YOUR HEAD AROUND AND MAKE A PLAY!

The way we are playing. We may not make a bowl.

R. Childs run for 1 yd for a TD, (B. Grogan KICK) - ESPN Video

Rennie Childs run for 1 yd for a TD (Ben Grogan KICK)

Time to break out the whiskey.

Already did that Think I'm gonna mix it with my Miller light, splash some red bull. Call it the Dana

Wish I could Gotta drive after the game.

Hey Smallwood. Where ya been?

And Howard. Shows up again.

Every Throw is so high

Shell. Needs to commit to hitting the line instead of dancing.

W. Smallwood run for 12 yds,W. Smallwood fumbled, forced by C. Whitener, recovered by OKSt J. Sterns - ESPN Video

Wendell Smallwood run for 12 yds to the OKSt 5 Wendell Smallwood fumbled, forced by Chad Whitener, recovered by OKSt Jordan Sterns


My God. This offense doesn't even have any feet to blow up anymore.

......I don't understand what's happening here What the actual f*** is happening here?

Yup nailed it

M. Rudolph sacked by K. Rose for -5 yds for a SAFETY - ESPN Video

Mason Rudolph sacked by Kyle Rose for a loss of 5 yards for a SAFETY

That is a safety!

gotta be

Big 12 Refs. Worst officials in the country. No one is safe.

This defense doesn't know how to quit

Can they play. Both ways?

This defense is our saving grace

not a bad spark?

So the Crest experiment is back on I see

At this point, why not?

I'd rather seem him at QB. Howard is bringing zero to the table.

Is there something mechanically wrong? Is he not following through? It can't be nerves or excitement at this point, right?

We need to pay Drew Brees a truckload of money to teach Howard his secret.

Hes been High on his throws all year, receivers arent bailing him out today

I really wouldnt think so if it were nerves you would hope dana would be more calming, not yelling

West Virginia has 25 passing yards.

that looks like a totally normal, acceptable, endurable situation.

well...we are basically flopped on yards...our rushing yards = their passing, and vice versa

B. Grogan 21 yd FG GOOD - ESPN Video

Ben Grogan 21 yd FG GOOD

That's a win on defense. But at this point, if we don't adjust on offense, it won't matter.

Did everyone leave?

Nope, just comatose

I'm from WV and going back to school at Alabama. I thought I would tune into Bama but they are laying a turd too.

At least their offense scored

Kansas State is up 21-17 on TCU. WIZARDRY

False start against a three man rush? Yep, only us

are you drawing these as this happens?

I'm not. We have better talent than what is on display.

Halftime (Oklahoma State - 17 West Virginia 2)

That is the worst half of offense I have ever seen since our QB attempted to throw with about half the necessary muscles.

Even worse than the first half of the Giants vs Cowboys in the movie Little Giants? Maybe Icebox will come out and save us in the second half.

Hold up. You want to see this offense attempt to run The Annexation of Puerto Rico? How about no.

Yes. Merely for entertainment value.

The crowd cheering when the starting QB's helmet comes off tells you just about everything about this program right now.

Is it one game again? Where's the guys to tell me it's one game and that I'm completely irrational to judge this coaching staff on one game? Last year we beat Baylor, so it's okay that we can't score any points on offense. This is what Holgorsen apologists actually believe. Fire everyone. All the problems are still the same problems, and this team isn't getting better. This is our one winnable game in October, and we're getting run out of our own stadium.

K we get it We know you hate the staff, we know you think we aren't good. I don't disagree with most of what you say, but let's not flood the game thread with it again this week

Yes, let's not flood the game thread...With facts and honest assessment of the situation our football team is in.

Correct. Let's not. Say your peace, which you have, and move on

The entire staff isn't the problem. The defense is straight-up man. I wouldnt mind seeing Gibby get a shot at the top job and hire an offensive coordinator that can do something with this pile of parts we call an offense.

I could be okay with this. Gibby had the defense ready in light of losing his best player. You can't blame defense for a dime of what has happened so far.. Gibby clearly could coach the ass off his own legs, and could coach Eskimos to buy Ice from Mexico, so this would be an acceptable situation.

Fire everyone* asterisk - Except Gibby

Purple Kansas beating the Frogs 35-17 now.

College football is angry and is taking no prisoners.


W. Smallwood run for 29 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

Wendell Smallwood run for 29 yds for a TD


Exactly what we needed. Come on defense

Thats an autorec gif

M. Rudolph pass intercepted,R. Shell return for 0 yds - ESPN Video

Mason Rudolph pass intercepted Rushel Shell return for no gain to the WVirg 46

WOOOOO!!! Here we go...

No worries. Howard, Howarding the ball as usual.

Now Crest is hurt. Whose the backup then? I think it is Chugunov?

Or Sills. I doubt either are ready for action

I think its chug. Because Sills is the scout team QB

You're right. It's the Chuggernaut

Not good.

i dont like....

What's exactly the difference between with and without?

he seems more pouty without like a caught child

M. Rudolph run for 40 yds for a 1ST down - ESPN Video

Mason Rudolph run for 40 yds to the WVirg 28 for a 1ST down


I suppose letting Rudolph run for 40 yards is Skyler and Danas fault?

Did you seriously attempt to defend them now? Have you watched this game? Like at all? The one part of this team that is doing any good was the defense. This game is 100% on Holgorsen and Howard.

J. Walsh pass,to B. Jarwin for 4 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

J.W. Walsh pass complete to Blake Jarwin for 4 yds for a TD

This team is so unbelievably undisciplined. This is 100% Holgorsen.

still time left if we can regroup and get our shit together


Wow Howard is terrible.

S. Howard pass,to S. Gibson for 48 yds for a TD - ESPN Video

Skyler Howard pass complete to Shelton Gibson for 48 yds for a TD


So it's Danas fault Smallwood ran into Skyler and caused a fumble. Or shell fumbling. Or Smallwood. Do I get to point out Skyler threw a touchdown?

You mean the throw that has literally been there all night? Yeah, you get to point that out.

I suppose DeForest coaches at OSU?

M. Rudolph pass intercepted,N. Kwiatkoski return for 0 yds - ESPN Video

Mason Rudolph pass intercepted Nick Kwiatkoski return for no gain to the WVirg 42



Whatever we pay Gibson It ain't enough

Crest throws a pretty ball.

Had he not slipped....

Pissed that one away. Damn.

#field position matters or cant capitalize.


Oregon's slide continues. Just dropped one to Washington State.


dont be shitty barry j/k

When is Chip Kelley's show cause up? 2016?

I believe it is close to, if not already expired It was only for 18 months.

Also don't look now. But TCU has closed the gap. Down 35-31 with 7 minutes left in the 3rd.

honestly anyone surprised?

Not sure what to think about that gave. Want TCU to lose but purple Kansas is always tough.

J. Lambert 38 yd FG GOOD - ESPN Video

Josh Lambert 38 yd FG GOOD

Missed Opportunity here. I think we really needed 6.

I think we'll be fine if we get a stop here.

Agreed I like the choice to keep the momentum going. It is all about confidence right now for the offense.

Wazzu is ruthless

I hope the crowd gets crazy

Just no Seven Nation Army Please.

Another stand. Another chance. Let's go!

Jarrod Harper is doing a good job as Karl Joseph's understudy.

Skyler's feelin' it.

Milan Puskar Stadium is weird sometimes. I like it. Carry on.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Seven Nation Army.

Big first down


Defense is gassed Damn.

"Take me home, country roads."

we need a turnover

no, no


Stadium is shining cell phone lights. It's a sweet effect

S. Howard pass intercepted,D. Averette return for 19 yds - ESPN Video

Skyler Howard pass intercepted Devante Averette return for 19 yds to the WVirg 11

So that happened.


Game. This team is so hard to watch.

This offense is hard to watch. The defense has been playing balls-out the entire game.

defense, plz

not over stay strong eer nation

Why is Dana so dumb sometimes? Stop with the qb draws. Tell him if he runs again he is off the freaking team

Well then he called a throw....He feels like he has run out of successful plays. If you can't trust your QB to throw, you run. Can't run? Gotta get creative, hence QB draws.

Understand that but when, outside of the one run against Maryland, haso Howard done anything on them? No sense to keep doing that

B. Grogan 22 yd FG GOOD - ESPN Video

Ben Grogan 22 yd FG GOOD


K-State up 42-31 now. 12:00 left in the game. Football is weird.

*holds breath*

OKST vs. WVU - ESPN Video

That's a touchdown!

In there

That's a touchdown. Knee doesn't touch until after he breaks the goal line.


Alright D. Do your thing.



Who do I have to contact to get Seven Nation Army banned? I have statistical facts to back up my stance that it is a cursed song.

There is a fan committee that decides those things

I'm going to compile a video with every time 7NA is played...And the huge kick in the balls that follows EVERY DAMN TIME.

I can not like this enough.

I wish I could give you more info on who to contact that ain't my department, sadly.

When I make it, it'll find its way to who it needs. I'm going to have to crowd source it to get the clips, but I can't think of a single time that we've had a big play in our favor following it being chanted or played in the stadium.

Please. This needs to happen.

Gotta throw it away, Howard.

This one is going to OT. Continue holding your breath, gentlemen.

Overtime (Oklahoma State - 26 West Virginia 26)

Terrible angle on that play




They're going for it.nHOLD THEM

J. Walsh run for 2 yds for a TD, (B. Grogan KICK) - ESPN Video

J.W. Walsh run for 2 yds for a TD (Ben Grogan KICK)

NOOOOOOOOOOO. That's not what I said!

Cause I was just asking myself..."Hey, I wonder what's happening in that Wyoming/Air Force game."

S. Howard pass incomplete - ESPN Video

Skyler Howard pass incomplete to Daikiel Shorts

100% All on Dana and Howard.

Oh no! Of course not silly. It was on everyone else! I mean, did you see that defense give up points? Dana wasn't even on the field for those!

Awful play calling Dana. That entire series was shit

wrong reciever

night eer fans...lets go...

Final (Oklahoma State - 33 West Virginia 26) And the meltdown begins...

Shell, 19 rushes for 48 yards. Smallwood, 19 rushes for 147 yards. I'm just not sure how you can look at that and think anything other than "Maybe we should give it to Smallwood more?"

Holgorsen should absolutely be fired at the end of this year. Barring us pulling out a serious upset, my line was 8 wins not counting a bowl game, and I don't see how we get this now. We will drop 1 of either Texas or K State, and Holgorsen will never field a team that finishes top 3 in this conference. This game was lost on play calling and discipline. 100% Holgorsen is not a head coach that will take this team into the top half of the Big 12 on a regular basis, and he will never have us in the top 3. I realize WVU will likely never win the Big 12 for a number of reasons. But never finishing top 3 is unacceptable. We should at least on a good year finish there. And we never will with this current staff. Go ahead. Tell me its one game.

We finished tied fourth last year

Cool. That was one of the best teams we had, and we finished tied 4th in a top heavy conference with a bunch of bad teams. So Holgorsen is a good coach then, right?

You're an idiot. You say we will never consistently finish in the top portion of the conference, then it's pointed out that we tied for fourth, and you try and dismiss it. More than likely will finish fourth or fifth again this year, and you'll try to dismiss it, even though it was you saying we wouldn't finish in the top half. Just please stop. You're really embarrassing yourself at this point.

I don't think you know what the word consistently means consistently doesn't mean tying with several other teams for fourth in the conference a year after getting 4 wins.

You realize this is only our fourth year in the XII...right? So, then, if we tied for fourth last year and will most likely finish fourth or fifth this year, and so on, that's consistent. It's only been 3 seasons, and a small sample size, to try and say whether we can be consistent or not, so honestly it doesn't matter what you do or don't think in regards to how consistent we can be in the Big XII

I'm seeing continued growth of this team. Howard grew before our eyes in the 2nd half. I don't expect results. I expect moments of consistency and inconsistency. I expect 3rd down play calls of low percentage fade routes so we can put pressure on our offense for a 4th and Dana Holgorsen's job call. I expect running plays on 3rd and Goal where we run parallel to the LOS not, ya know, perpendicular to it. We are 1-2 but there's plenty of season left. I think we have a bowl appearance in the crystal ball!

Howard playing well in the second half?mHe played average in the second half. He didn't play horrible. That's not the same as good.

I find it odd that we agree...But we do...this team is not bad, and I think that we are so focused on offensive struggles that we don't realize just how good our defense is, even without its biggest star, and is a tremendous shame. There is still good ahead, I believe, and I think Huard really hit on something regarding Howard: when he plays tight, he is terrible. But that is part of the learning process. Regardless of DeathBySmiley's hysterical view, the Skyler isn't falling....

And as I think we have discussed before, you should judge your coach by who wants him. Smiley here thinks he needs to go, clearly, but remember the Stewart era....ask yourself, Smiley, if we fire him, who would want him? That no one would have hired Stewart meant something, just as the fact that a slew of programs would line up to hire Hologram (if you know what I mean) as their HC the week we let him go means that, in short, you really don't know what the hell you are talking about. Cliches are cliches, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was an undefeated team, championship team. On a day when everyone on earth said that Oklahoma was going to demolish Texas (the same Oklahoma team that we had a shot to beat until the Strip 6) only to lose in stupefying fashion, you would think that the unrealistic ones in our base would recognize that shit happens...especially when a bunch of 20-somethings are playing a game.

Who are we hiring. I want actual names. Who are we hiring and are we forcing Gibson on him?

How about Rich Rod? Arizona isn't tied to him, and at least he knows how to have a great season every once in a while, while having above average seasons in between? How about any number of the coaches who will be fired at years end that still understand the basic concept that when one running back is averaging triple the yards of the other, you put in the hotter hand? How about a coach that can recruit a quarterback once everyone 6 years? You know, what Holgorsen can't do.

How about not Rich Rod. Who I'm still not convinced didn't intentionally throw that game against Pitt right before leaving for Michigan

Then you're an idiot and not worth listening to. The bonuses that were lost by not winning that game could buy your mother. For several nights. And anal.

#StayClassy....Nicholson, I wish you'd go with a smile....

Well, since you want to be a sorry piece of shit and bring someone's mother into it is yours standing behind you in the basement right now? Possibly helping you do your "duty"? Surely she doesn't approve of your behavior. And as far as someone who's opinion is worth nothing, you literally just stated that the benefit of not going to a national championship outweigh the benefits of going to one....yep but I'm the dumb one lol.

Reading comprehension is hard. Keep at it and you'll get it one day. Thats okay, though. Critical thinking doesn't appear to be a strong suit when you fall back on mother's basement lines and the old Rich Rod conspiracy.

Oh that's right. The "your mother is a cheap whore" is wayyyy more original. I forgot how clever your simple mind could be at times.

There's no one. It's not worth firing Holgorsen when we are likely to go 7-5 or 8-4 again. There's no one out there that I would risk firing him for.

There's your first name. Gibson, I don't imagine that he will be around much longer. Someone will give him a shot. Tom Herman is another option, a guy who knows spread offenses. Matt Campbell has turned Toledo around. Those are just to name a few.

Are you seriously...suggesting hiring Toledo's coach? Yeah, that is just what we need. Stay the course...why are so many of us prone to these hysterics over college football games...? Our identity is not tied up in it!

So no names other than Rich Rod. Brilliant. We aren't built to run his spread and why would he come back. You haven't seen what Chugs or Sills can do, and Howard made plays in the second half.

We aren't built to run his spread? What do you call what we are running now? It is not an air raid.

The arrow is pointing down. Tough road ahead and if I knew what the future held I'd be a fucking genius. The big 12 is a fucking beast. Snap the chin straps up boys and man up.

Heads up:. Just because angry fans can't think of a better coach on the spot whilst drunk and angry, doesn't mean they aren't out there, and it doesn't make Holgorsen better. I agree Bill Stewart left him in a horrible situation, but this was a year to make a move. Losing like this, due to coaching; not defense, but play calling and coaching; defeats the entire purpose we hired him for.

Said it yourself. Angry fans. Not the time to be calling for the coaches head. The fact that you think the play calling was bad does not mean it was. Holgorson's FULL TIME JOB is to coach football. Watch tape, look for tells and try to take advantage. He sees things (as do the coaches in the press box) that you have no idea about watching at home. Most of the plays were there, just didn't execute.

Tom Bradley. Then see if we can headhunt Spavital for the OC job.

We knew it was going to be a tough year. I was hoping for 2 and 2 in October. Now I'm hoping for 1 and 3.

You Know....perhaps this will become a post I write later, but reading the rantings here, it seems to me that a lot of our fans have a deep, twisted desire to become the Pitt Panthers program. Yeah, let's make our head coaching spot a revolving door so that we can perpetually "re-energize" the fan base.

Go sleep it off....