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CRFF Week 6 Power Poll

Gary Patterson is obviously reading this.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

TCU helps us out again, and King doesn't care that Texas beat OU.

Oh, and Kansas is showing us that it is possible to get worse. Here we go...


1. don't know how grateful I am that you keep bailing me out of having to come up with ridiculous reasons not to rank Baylor #1.

It literally hurt to type those two things that close together.

2. me when you get punched in the mouth by a good defense. Actually, don't call me, because I'll just laugh.

3. OSU...I'll bet Glenn Spencer has Gundy and Yurcich in the corner, yelling "YOU DAMN WELL BETTER GIVE MY DEFENSE TWO WEEKS OFF!!!"

4. get this because your two losses came against the top two teams in the conference.

5. beat OU. This is your reward. Maybe you can carry Charlie around the field during your bye week.

6. lost to Texas. Seriously. In your last 14 games you're 8-6, and now your fans are saying that next season could be special. Welcome to the land of football mediocrity, where hope springs eternal.

7.'re the best 0-2 team in the Big 12.

8. KState...I'm a firm believer that you will ruin somebody's season. Glad it wasn't us.

9. Iowa looked like you had it in you and then well maybe not so much.

10. Kansas...if your fans didn't get enough of you guys getting pummeled at home, don't worry, Tech is coming to Lawrence.


1. TCU: You're either lucky or battle tested. Or both. Either way another week where I don't have to put Yogi first.

2. BU: Hey, you crushed KU. So did south Dakota State (and so did Memphis).

3. OSU: I don't know how and I don't care.

4. OU: So, about last weekend. I know it wasn't good for you, but it was good for me.

5. WVU: Did you enjoy meeting Mr Ogbah?

6. KSU: Gonna be a long season, but you're just okay enough to win a few more games.

7. Tech: You should be ranked above KSU but I forgot about you and I'm too lazy to change it.

8. UT: Damn, y'all looked like a competent football team.

9. ISU: Damn, you almost looked like a competent football team.

10. KU: Its been years since you looked like a terrible football team. You're worse than that, and only getting worse. Better plan that move to CUSA to get right.