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CRFF Ranks the Big 12: Week 7

It was a crazy week in the Big 12, as there were a lot of movers and shakers. With OU getting upset, OSU escaping Morgantown and Kansas State giving TCU a run for their money, this was the hardest week to rank so far.

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It was a wild and insane week in the Big 12. There were upsets, escapes, and dominations all across the board. This league is really starting to shape into a good solid group of teams. This week was the hardest week so far this season to rank with 4 and 5 and 6-8 being up in the air we got responses all over the place, but this is how the CRFF staff ranked the Big 12.

1. Baylor

There really is no argument here. Yes the Bears haven't really played anyone yet, but they have been consistently beating down on the teams they should be. This last week they probably could have scored 100 on Kansas if they wanted to. Baylor takes on West Virginia this week as the Mountaineers look to give the Bears their first test.

2. TCU

The Horned Frogs have been a bit of a head scratcher this year. This team has looked like the Big 12 title and playoff contenders we thought they were at times and sometimes they barely eek out a win. With a lot of defensive players out the unit has struggled at times but that just means the jury is still out on this TCU team.

3. Oklahoma State

The only other unbeaten in the conference is the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They somehow snuck out a win in Morgantown this week and have been winning by the skin of their teeth, but you have to say, undefeated is undefeated. If the Pokes can continue to find ways to pull out victories you think they'll be in contention for the Big 12 crown.

4. Oklahoma

The Sooners got beat in a game this past weekend that no one thought they would lose. The Sooners could not handle the blitz and it proved to be a big weakness as Texas beat OU in all three phases of the game. The Sooners have a lot to figure out this week as they travel to Manhattan this week where the Wizard will be waiting.

5. Texas Tech

Tech's only two losses this season came to the top two teams in the Big 12. The Red Raiders could be a dark horse to cause some chaos in the Big 12. The Red Raiders travel to Kansas before traveling to OU. That game will be a big indicator of where Kingsbury has this program.

6. West Virginia

The Mountaineers lost a tough one this past week in overtime. This team can still make an impact in the Big 12 as they face both Baylor and TCU in the coming weeks, but they are going to have to get some things figured out. The loss of Karl Joseph hurt this defense a lot and this offense doesn't look like the normal Hologrsen offense.

7. Kansas State

Bill Snyder is at it again this year as he almost took down Oklahoma State last weekend and TCU this week. The Syndercats are going to get someone this year and the next team in their sights are the Sooners who come to town on Saturday.

8. Texas

We learned a lot about the Longhorns on Saturday as they won the Red River Showdown. Charlie Strong looks like he has this team going in the right direction. I have a feeling the teams that caught them early in the year are going to be lucky they did because it looks like this team might have things figured out.

9. Iowa State

The Cyclones fell to Texas Tech and you can't help but being very ho-hum about this team. They feel like the Iowa State team of every year. Not worse than Kansas but worse than every other team in the league. We'll see if Paul Rhode's team can turn it around.

10. Kansas

The Jayhawks could've had 100 scored on them this past weekend if Baylor wanted. There was a fat guy TD scored on their defense and that was probably the highlight of the game. Things aren't looking too good for the Jayhawks right now and they probably aren't going to get any better.