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Buy Or Sell - Mike Gundy Leaves For Greener Pastures

Oklahoma State has become a top 25 team now after Gundy (and Les) made it that way. Is it time for Gundy to leave?

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday might have been one of the more crazy days in college football so far this year and there wasn't even a game played. USC terminated the contract of coach Steve Sarkisian and HBC Steve Spurrier just up and retired on a Monday night (No, Steve, you're not the only one who hates Monday's, we promise we've all thought about quitting as well).

That leaves two pretty big holes in coaching staffs at two pretty big schools with a lot of money and a little more to offer than Oklahoma State (MAYBE). My first thought was Glenn Spencer better be getting a raise. However, USA Today thinks it's Gundy who could be moving on, or at least getting a call from the schools.


He's done all he can here. It's gotten a little stale at times in Stillwater and Gundy wants out. Plus, he'd get a lot more money, and wouldn't have to deal with the pesky Big 12 anymore. Holder decides not to go with offering Gundy the competitive offer and let's him fly out to the East/West coast. After three years at one of the USC schools, he wins a conference championship.


He doesn't like the media here, he just sort of puts up with it. Could you imagine Oklahoma-born Mike Gundy trying to deal with the life of L.A. or even Columbia, South Carolina, which has a population of about 130,000? There are plenty of reasons to sell this. He's called this his "New York Yankee's job," and this conversation comes up every year only to be shot down after the season when Gundy tells the media he never planned on leaving. Also, is a two-win record against your biggest rival in your schools best stretch of football historically going to get him a job at a SEC school? Possibly, but I do think that is taken into consideration.