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Oklahoma State Basketball Part Two - The Ultimate Schedule Preview

This schedule should be fun.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned in the first part of this three-part series, Oklahoma State basketball could really work on its scheduling. The team is lucky that the NCAA Tournament takes just about anyone after a certain amount of wins because if they looked at who OSU played, I'm not entirely sure they make it in the Tournament off of record alone. It's almost as if Baylor is helping schedule this nonconference schedule.

Ok, so let's take a look at the schedule.

Part One - UT Martin and Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Let's not act like we actually know anything about these two schools unless you happened to grow up in the city of which they are located. UT Martin went 21-13 last year and could put up a fight if they can find a way to score. However, they only averaged about 69 points a game last season and OSU should easily stop them along with APB. Give them two wins over two over matched teams.

Part Two A - Gilden Charleston Classic - Towson

I'm not going to put the rest of the probable schedule because I'm not even sure OSU can get past this team. This team only had 12 wins last year so pending a massive turn around, the Cowboys actually should win this. Next they would play the winner of George Mason/ Ole Miss. I don't think they get past that at all. If they were to however, they'd matchup against Virginia, Bradley, Seaton Hall or Long Beach State. I'd take the Cowboys at 3-1 at this point though.

Part Two B -  Long Beach, Tulsa, Missouri State, Minnesota, Longwood

After failing to win the Gilden Charleston Classic, the Cowboys will return home for the next four of five games with Minnesota being played in Siouix Falls, South Dakota.. The Cowboys should be able to skate past most of these teams but wouldn't be surprised for either Tulsa or Minnesota to steal a win. I'll take OSU at 7-2.

Part Three A - Orange Bowl Classic

This is probably where we all start to realize how long of a season this could be. OSU should be able to fight against Florida, but it's biggest game of the year so far will provide big enough for the Cowboys to fall down. 7-3 record with one game till Conference starts.

Part Three and A Quarter - UMKC


Conference Play


Should be a win. TCU beat OSU last season but Oklahoma State is the better team, which is hard to believe on some levels.

@ Baylor - L

This is a loss. I'm not sure how much I can stress on how important it is to have a coach like coach Drew on your sideline can help a team.

@ West Virginia - L

I'm not sure anyone is safe going to WVU, especially after you just made a trip to Waco.

Oklahoma - W

Oklahoma State hasn't beaten OU since February 16, 2013. That's a long time. Ford always has that one game a year that makes Holder look like he hired the right guy for 18 hours, and I'm thinking this one may be it.

@ Texas - L


Kansas - L

You've got to have an offense to keep up with Kansas. Oklahoma State will keep it close but no cigar.

@ Kansas State - W

Kansas State is not going to be very good this year. Maybe even worse than OSU.

Baylor - W

Oklahoma State squeaks by a win at GIA and the half-filled beauty erupts. 12-7 after eight Big 12 games.

@ Auburn - L

Oklahoma State scheduled a game against the SEC for that pesky SEC/Big 12 challenge that seems like it was Bob Stoops idea. Auburn is coming off a 15-win season but has four recruits who were rated four-stars and will likely play enough and score more than OSU can.

@ Texas Tech - L

At this point, it's begun to get pretty ugly.

Iowa State - L

The Cyclones are the second best team in the Big 12.

@ TCU - W

This may be the only team OSU can manage to beat both times in 2015-16.

Kansas State - L

The loss comes because for some reason, OSU can't score still.

@ Kansas - L

They keep it close, but not close enough. ESPN plays the Marcus Smart flip video about five times during the broadcast.

Texas Tech - W

Forte avenges the recent Tech loss.

@ OU - L

Do you really think this team can beat OU twice?



@ Iowa State -L

Nope times two

Texas - W

I don't know if OSU is the better team. But it will be Phil Forte night (senior night) and he has the best game of his career. Oklahoma State finishes at 15-15 and misses the tournament.

Oklahoma State could be better, but without any sign of an offense so far through the offseason, there's not much saying that'll happen. How many wins do you think OSU will have?