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Call For Contributors On Cowboys Ride For Free

We need help and we're not afraid to ask for it

Continental typewriter - Flickr - Dr Shordzi

Hello everyone who's reading this.

I'm Gerald, as you all can tell by reading the byline on the top. You may or may not know who I am. I'm a senior here at OSU majoring in sports media. Being that, it's hard at times to keep up with the site fully. We have a fantastic group writing for us. From Jeremy Golden providing you with NFL Cowboy updates to Nathan providing you with Nate's Eight and especially Thomas Fleming providing you with the best articles of the week in Chalk Talk. However, we're still missing something.

There's a few articles, sports and more that have been ignored so far this year. It's no ones fault here. We all have lives. Some of us are in 15+ hours of school and have a paying job. Robert has a job that has him flying across the country for days at a time. It's crazy. However, we try our best.

That's where I'm going to end that and get to my point. We need more contributors. Having a journalism background or even writing background would be great. But I'm not going to sit here and deny someone because they want to cover America's Brightest Orange. We don't discriminate in age. I'm 21, Robert's older than Bill Snyder and Nick Tyler is in his senior year in high school.

Without making you read anymore, here's some things we need:

  • Breaking News (fanshots)
  • Basketball
  • "Other" sports (soccer, baseball, anything not football/basketball)
  • Buy/Sell writers
  • Daily link finders
  • anything else you may have in mind.
I'm not going to deny you or sit here and ignore your ideas that you may have. We love ideas. Believe me. You can apply through this link OR you can email me for more options at

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading the site and keeping up with everything we do.