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CRFF Roundtable - You Miss OSU Football and so do we

It's a bye week, this is late, let's not make a huge deal out of it.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

OK, so let's talk.

1) That defense though. Is it good enough to help us win the Big 12?
2) I'm not sure the Cowboys can win the Big 12 this year due to offense. But next year is another story. However, we'll be losing a lot of big defensive players. What's your thoughts on that? Is this the year to do it?
3) 6-0, how do you feel about the team?!
4) Mason Rudolph or J.W. Walsh


1) Yes. Defense has two bye weeks in a row before playing Tech. Should be healthy.

2) I lied. Score 35-40 points each game and you'll go undefeated.

3) Dang good.

4) Rudolph

Nick Tyler

Ok before everyone gets started I just want to throw out a hypothetical thats going to get everyone mad. What if we win every game but lose at Iowa State again

Kyle Cox

1)  The D was impressive in the first half but was a little banged up in the second and looked downright winded. The loss of a couple guys showed a little bit. Even with the depth that OSU has on that side of the ball, the offense is going to have to stay on the field longer. When you're trying to slow down the likes of TCU and Baylor, you have to give your defense some type of a break. I think this is the best defense they've had (maybe ever) from a personnel standpoint but no defense can play 2/3 of the game without wearing down.

2) You really wanted to be in a better spot offensively this year with the big boys all coming to Stillwater, but I just don't see this offense taking that next step unless they can run the ball better. The offensive line is exposed weekly. Everything else pointed to that chance for a really special season with Bean and Ogbah and others departing this year on defense and the favorable home schedule. But maybe they can improve. We'll see. I see this as a 9-10 win team still.

3) That being said, you have to love the fight in this team. I did not expect them to be 6-0. They won a game last night on the road in a tough venue, with West Virginia possessing all the momentum in the second half and without a very good game from Rudolph. I think they are battle tested and I do believe that can help a team. They have many flaws and lots of work to do, but you can't complain about the result. Hopefully they use the bye week and a fluff game against KU to figure some things out before they head to Lubbock.

4) Mason Rudolph AND J.W. Walsh.


1. Yes. Period.

2. Any year is the year to do it. Play to win now, because you never know what next season holds.

3. Cautiously optomistic, with a backup cooler of orange Kool-Aid sitting at the ready.

4. Both. They are using them perfectly, except when they get all psychotic and nervous.


1. Yes it is. If only we could get the offense to play a full game...lookout. 
2. Unfortunately we could be better next year but the schedule is going to be brutal. This year we've got a prime opportunity being undefeated still. Just not sure if they can keep in up in November. Here's hopin!!
3. It's amazing that we are still undefeated. I'm not going to question it, let's keep the train rolling!
4. They are using both perfectly. They just need to stop putting Rudolph in so many 3rd and longs. Walsh is $$$

Okstate Gents

1. The defense will do enough to keep us in every game.

2. I was thinking that TCU might be the opposite of us, winning games late with offense and we're doing that with defense. And they say defense wins championships... Next year the offense should have the pieces to be a force to reckon with. Most of the tough games on the road though... I'm not sure. Hopefully the defense doesn't lose a step.

3. I feel the need to see a physician/counselor/nutritionist because the stress this team puts me under. I need to see a nutritionist because of the abundance alcohol watching these games makes me consume (not too mad about that I guess).

4. JW is like the Dancer of Mason's sleigh. Guide the way Orange Nose.

Colin Price

1) This is by far the best defense in the Big 12 and is absolutely capable of keeping us in every single game as long as adjustments are made (see K-State game).

2) I won't count us out of the title race just yet because the offense is showing that they can move the ball when they need to and they're looking better every game.  I think we'll really hit our stride come the start of November and take it to TCU/BU/OU winning at least two of the three, leaving us one of the contenders for the title depending on how the other 3 play.

3) I feel like this team is just getting better and better every week.  This week they were tired from the last several slug-fests and still managed to leaving a night in Morgantown with a victory.  Give them some rest, let them take another look at the blocking schemes that opened up the run game in OT, and keep chugging along.

4) Yes.