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This Week In The Big 12 Recap - What Do We Know?

The Big 12 didn't have it's favorite undefeated team playing, but it was still pretty fun.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor 62, West Virginia 38

I actually thought West Virginia would keep this game closer than it was. The Mountaineers went down 27-17 at half and would get the ball back after the break to hopefully make the game closer. However, it just wasn't happening and Baylor would pull away with a 21-7 third quarter. The Bears are really starting to look good, averaging more than 60 points a game and this time against what is supposed to be a tough WVU pass defense.

However, after three teams from the Big 12 have scored 30 or more points and averaged just over 312 yards a game through the air, how good is this team? How good does OU, OSU or Baylor look for beating them? This conference is weird. Either way, Baylor and its star receiver Corey Coleman are on fire as of late and will look to take on Iowa State next week.

TCU 45, ISU 21

Well, that escalated quickly. The Horned Frogs were looking as if they would be in for a long night after going into halftime only up 24-21. However, the defense showed up strong in the final three quarters of play by not allowing ISU to score after a 21-point first quarter. Boykin and the Horned Frogs looked as strong as they have all year really but will have a quick turnaround when they have to play a WVU team that's tired of losing.

TCU right now is probably the second best Big 12 team, Baylor just hasn't shown that it's going to be stopped.

OU 55, KSU 0

Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. After getting beat in every facet of the game last week against a pretty bad Texas team, Oklahoma had to spend hours at the airport waiting to just get to Manhattan, Kansas, for the game. So it was already a bad start to the weekend but then in the first few minutes, Baker Mayfield showed why he's starting for this program and drove the Sooners down the field for an easy touchdown.

That would be five touchdowns he would throw on the day, leading the Sooner offense to the biggest defeat of a Bill Snyder team at home ever. The defense, led by Zack Sanchez with two interceptions for touchdowns (tying a Sooner record), held a KSU team to zero points. The same KSU team that nearly beat OSU and TCU. Is this game a fluke? Will we see Texas game OU or KSU game OU next week when they play Texas Tech? I'm sure Tech wouldn't mind seeing the Texas game OU after the horrible game against Kansas this week.

Texas Tech 30, Kansas 20

We should all accept that Kansas isn't going to be bad forever. However, they're probably still going to be very bad this year. Kansas showed that this Tech offense is stoppable, only allowing 30 points, 23 of them were offense. The interception at the end that went for a touchdown.

Tech should actually be worried, after barely escaping the worst school in the conference's grip, they're starting to look more and more like the OSU of last year. This team may be a year or two away from competing with the big teams in the conference. Will Tech give Kliff that much time?