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The Day After No Game

There were no Orange Cowboys playing this weekend, so it was sort of boring.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State fans everywhere spent Saturday watching other teams play while they were ripped off by this thing known as a bye week. So I got some thoughts on the Big 12.

1. OSU is the No. 3 team, for now.

They're undefeated, and one of the three, but maybe it doesn't matter that much. Baylor has certainly impressed me, but they haven't played much. However, they've taken care of business every game and made it look pretty easy. TCU is putting someone new on the injury reserve each week it seems and are keeping decent teams in games, so I'm not sure on them while OSU has earned the nickname Cardiac Cowboys pretty easily. However, if OU shows up like it did in Manhattan every week, watch out OSU.

2. What's going on, Big 12?

It's like no one wants it except Baylor. TCU waiting an entire half before trying to beat ISU, OSU seems to wait until the last quarter and OU is off and on every week and that's just the top half of the league. You have WVU who has switched it's offensive identity for, well we aren't sure, Texas Tech who was stopped by Kansas and KSU who played TCU and OSU like a top five Big 12 team and played OU like it was Kansas.

Someone needs to find this thing out.

3. Kansas won't be as easy as you may think

Sure, it should still be a win. But it's not going to be 66-6. The Jayhawks showed that they can play against Tech, but that was also the first game of the year they looked that good since their loss to South Dakota State.

4. What the heck, Texas Tech?

After barely losing to TCU a few weeks ago, the offense took a little break against Baylor before man handling ISU. Then they decided to score 23 points against Kansas, needing help from the defense to secure the win. Tech still doesn't have a good defense, they can't tackle half the time. But the offense was supposed to be a juggernaut but instead got stopped, by Kansas. Maybe this trip to Lubbock won't be as hard as previously thought.

5. Mason Rudolph and iOffense stats

Did some research earlier, here's some things I tweeted out:

That's a tad ridiculous for a sophomore quarterback.

He's also four touchdowns and seven interceptions from the Cowboy 20 to the opponent 20.

But the offense isn't good, right?