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King and I took advantage of OSU's bye week to rest up. Looks like a few Big 12 teams did the same thing.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

So we've reached the second half of the season, and here's what we know...

-West Virginia's defense isn't as good as we thought.

-Tech's offense missed the plane to Lawrence

-You've got a 50/50 chance of catching the Sooners in a coma

-It's not easy to come up with intelligent digs at Kansas football every week.

Off we go...


1: TCU- Thank you for keeping my faith in humanity alive. Just hold on until someone blows the Baylor whistle.

2: BU- You're cheating, just haven't been caught yet. Well at least your women are safe........oh wait.

3: OSU- Much like my first girlfriend, they're ugly but get the job done in the end.

4: OU- What you did this weekend makes what you did last weekend worse. Way to show up for a "big" road game.

5: UT- I'm not sure how I feel about you.

6: Tech- Thanks for being the annual KU tease.

7: WVU- I wasn't sure how good you were before you played OU. Thanks for sorting that out for me.

8: KSU- Damn, just damn.

9: ISU- By God you looked like a decent team for almost a half a game.

10: KU- So close......


1. TCU...It took you a while, but you finally got to the business of restoring my faith in the winnability of night games in Ames.

2. Baylor...West Virginia's defense allowed OSU to score a TD in OT doing nothing but running the ball, so no, I'm not impressed.

3. OSU...You moved up in a lot of polls during the bye week, just not this one.

4. OU...Snyder was just trolling you guys and doing his former pupil a favor.

5. Tech...OSU needed a minor miracle to escape Lawrence with a win last season. They then proceeded to lose five straight, so you have that to look forward to.

6-8. WVU/Texas/KState...I dont't have time to waste on trying to explain the difference between 3 teams that don't matter.

9. Iowa State...I keep telling you, if you want to have a chance, play your night games in Ames on Thursday or Friday night.

10. Kansas...You have no chance, so don't bother.