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CRFF Week 5 Picks From Joe's

We actually talked football. Really, we did.

A full slate of Big 12 action gets our attention this week, and causes us to talk about football.

OU is insulted that they get an 11am kickoff in a matchup of ranked teams.

11am is insulted that Kansas @ Iowa State is being shown in that time slot.

King's take...

KU at Iowa State...I would say that this is each team's last chance for a win this season, but both of them still have Texas on the schedule. Cyclones play less bad football...28-14

Texas at TCU...Can the Longhorns go for the trifecta? Lose by missing a PAT...lose by muffing the snap on a punt...maybe this week the kicker can doink a FGA as time runs out? If it happens, Texas should investigate a kicking conspiracy. Of course that would mean the Longhorns had a chance to win, which is not the case. TCU routs...52-14

WVU @ OU...the Gooners are insulted at an 11am kickoff? Talk to your uppity friends the Longhorns. They're good at coming up with excuses why they aren't as successful as they should be. Couch Burners haven't done well in big conference games on the road...OU 35, WVU 28

Tech at Baylor...not really at Baylor, but at Jerry's World. Is there a tarp big enough for that? If Mahomes is healthy (and that's a relative term since he's from Lubbock), Tech might have a shot. Baylor will likely have to get a shot after the game. Bears prevail, although I don't want them to...60-52

KState at's not easy to hate Bill Snyder, but I think I can. The old man takes pleasure in stressing the hell out of us when he comes to Stillwater. Remember 2011? Remember 2013? I'm asking cuz I actually don't, since I had to drink myself into oblivion during those games. The Cowboys might be starting a QB with a numb hand and a true freshman RB. ALL THE RUNNING PLAYS! Thank heavens I'll be in Stillwater with Whetsell, we can enjoy alcohol therapy together. OSU squeaks one out....24-21.