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Kansas State Offensive Preview: Purple Bruises

There is an assumed design to each Bill Snyder team. A bunch of rag-tag individuals that can out-physical a team and outlast opponents. The talent may not always be there, but anyone in the Big 12 knows to never underestimate the Wizard of Manhattan.

Wildcat running back Justin Silmon is one of three running options for Bill Snyder in 2015.
Wildcat running back Justin Silmon is one of three running options for Bill Snyder in 2015.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Run First, Ask Questions Second:

If you want to see the ball thrown all over the yard, go watch a Baylor or Texas Tech game. Kansas State will not be whetting your desire. The Wildcats use three main running options as their bell-cows. Lead running back Justin Silmon has been the most productive and consistent, averaging well over six yards a carry and 72 yards per game. The one gripe on Silmon is that he has only found the end zone once this season. While scoring with the main backs is not as strong as one might think it should, the time of possession is a victory that the Wildcats win consistently. Now, the Wildcats lost the time of possession against South Dakota, but that was in part to the 34-0 blowout win. It's not a pretty offense, but it has gotten the job done to this point for the Cats.

Average Joe:

Joe Hubener's season has been the product of an injury. The Wildcats losing Jesse Ertz in week one put Hubener in the huddle and he will remain there for the rest of the season. Bill Snyder is not going rest the weight of the offense on Hubener's shoulder. That is why Hubener has averaged about 23 passing attempts a game. When Hubener's number has been called, he has limited his mistakes with zero interceptions and allowed for the offense to succeed under his command. Hubener is also one of the three options in the running game. The six-foot-five-inch, 211-pound signal caller, by measurables alone is a tough player to tackle. With his ability to extend the play with his legs, it makes Hubener more of a potential weapon for the Wildcat offense. As the second half of the season approaches, Hubener could be one of the pleasant surprises in all of the Big 12.

Consistency is Efficiency:

In terms of ratio, the Kansas State offense has produced their offense with two-thirds running and one-third passing. Not only is the playcalling proportional each week, but the production is around the same. That is to say, expect Kansas State to get to their minimum output with their offense. It's not a big shiny Ferrari, but it is a reliable work truck that can tow just about anything. Oklahoma State cannot afford shaky play against a consistent and efficient team like this. Even if they are in Stillwater.

Coffelt's Picks:

This will be one of the better games of the weekend in the Big 12, not saying much I guess since Kansas and Iowa State are playing. Appointment television people. The Cowboys scrap with the Cats until the end. Ben Grogan for the second week in a row is the difference in the ball game. Final score: 23-17 Cowboys.