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Buy or Sell: Oklahoma State Airs it Out VS Kansas State

With a rash of RB injuries it finally time to air it out?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Something many have been clamoring for in the OSU fan base has been "when will we open the play book or air it out?" Well, with a rash of injuries in the backfield and a stout Kansas State run defense it might finally be time to run the air raid in Stillwater this Saturday........but will Yurcich and Gundy allow it? You decide.....


Most sensible people would see that the issues with Carson and Childs means it's time to put the game on Rudolph's back. This isn't an indictment on Jeff Carr,Bring On The Cats I like him, he is going to be a dang good player but he's a true freshman seeing potentially his first meaningful carries, you don't put the game on his shoulders in that situation. Especially given that Kansas State is eighth in the country in run defense allowing just 235 rush yards on 2.4 YPC. The offense should be centered around throwing to set up the run not vice versa like we've seen too much this year.

The Texas game was proof to me that this team is best served letting Mason sling it around the yard instead of continually trying to run, which we haven't done well except one game. Against Texas, OSU ran it 46 times for 103 yards. That is atrocious. Mason, while he didn't have the best game of all time, still threw for 290 yards on 34 attempts. Most of which came in the first quarter when we saw OSU go very pass heavy and SHOCKER! It worked! After Mason got dinged up on the fumble play, OSU went ultra conservative and seemingly couldn't move the ball after that. The proof is in the pudding, OSU needs to go air raid, for our offense moves the ball best in that style of offense. I'm fine with trying to establish the run once our backs are healthy but this week the game needs to be on QB1's shoulders.


Mike Yurcich anyone? In all seriousness, OSU has been hell bent to establish the run all season. They don't seem to care or notice that the only time the run game really was effective was against a bad UTSA team. So why would Saturday be any different? In Gundy's presser Monday he said we ran better than he thought we did originally. Seriously? My mouth dropped when he said that 2.2 YPC against UT is not running it well but OK go ahead and think that Gundy. That comment shows where the mindset of these coaches are in that they will continue to try to run through a brick wall regardless of whether or not its effective. To this point in the season OSU has run the ball 23 times more than they've thrown. It doesn't matter that the backfield is banged up, Yurcich will be Yurcich and we will be ultra conservative and run the ball 40+ times again this week.

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