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CRFF Bold Predictions - Could The Offense Explode?

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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There's just over 24 hours left until the Kansas State Wildcats and the Oklahoma State Cowboys kickoff for what could make out to be a pretty great game. There is no way to actually tell what will happen as games are played on the field and not on SB Nation sites.

However, how fun would it be if we didn't have crazy predictions for you ready each and every game? Here are some staff members predicting the game for you, including myself.


Rudolph throws for 450 or more yards.

Glidden has a touchdown.

Defense holds KSU below 20.

Carr gets 50-80 yards.

Cory Treece

Defense gets 3 TO and 1 TD

Sheperd finally has a big game (100 yards and a TD)

We abandon the run in the second half and throw for 350 yards and 3 touchdowns to put the game away

Kyle Cox

No one can catch Carr and he drops a C-note and 2 touchdowns

Sheperd, Glidden and Washington combine for 200 yards

Defense gets 2 turnovers and 4 sacks

Rudolph completes 70% of his passes.

Now, we aren't going to forge the readers. Here are some bold predictions sent in through Twitter.

Ogbah getting a touchdown might be the boldest thing said.

Not sure that's very Bold, plenty of people think that. Unfortunately.

And finally, if Jeff Carr does this, how quick are people calling for Childs and Carson's head?