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Why OSU will Beat K-State

Buckle up, Cowboys fans, the Wizard in a Windbreaker is coming to town and the Dark Sorcerer Spencer has been doing some magic of his own.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Alright fans, you may be a little concerned with what happened in Austin and with might have happened to our running backs. But I'm here to tell you not to worry. The offense against Texas sputtered after Mason Rudolph's hand was hurt, causing a lot of errant passes and forcing the team to rely on the defense. Well guess what? The defense held strong and proved that we can rely on them when it comes down to it.

I still hear you complaining about the offense and how sluggish it was and how Mike Yurcich needs to be fired. Well calm yourself. Prior to hurting his hand, Rudolph was absolutely torching the Longhorn defense and lighting up the field. Once again, a team had sold out to stop the run and the offense took what it could get. Injury happened, passes got sloppy, passing game nearly fell apart. Then they had to rely on the run and Texas had tightened up on it, making things really difficult. OSU took what it good get, grinded it out, and still got the win.

So now we get to this week. The Kansas State Wildcats.  Great nickname by the way, so original. And your mascot? Even less so. Y'know, K-State was actually in my top 5 list of colleges until I realized my 7th grade sister had already qualified for acceptance. Three games in and we still know more about the Bermuda Triangle than we do your team. They say Joe Hubener is a poor-man's Collin Klein. But the thing is, Collin Klein could only beat OSU during a down year and this is no down year. The Cats have a mediocre passing offense, a sub-par rushing offense, and no noteworthy playmakers.

But how about defense? We all keep hearing about how great they are on that side of the ball. The numbers seem to back it up but how hollow are those numbers when playing South Dakota and UTSA. Then we get to see their first "real" test against Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs gouged this so-called top defense for 451 yards, most of which were through the air. Oh hey, you know what OSU is good at? Airing out the ball! That mystical Wizard you call a coach may have been able to use enough magic to conjure up a decent unit, but it pales in comparison to the dark magic that our Defensive Sorcerer Glenn Spencer has done to the team to make them one of the most lethal pass rushers and no fly zones in the nation.

Face it. The Wildcats are statistically worse off in nearly every single category and they're yet to see a team like the Cowboys. And on top of that, they've got to do it in the Sea of Orange, a place that not even the great Coach Snyder himself has won in since 1999. So to sum it all up, the Wizard in the Windbreaker and the poor-man's Klein aren't ready to face the Gundy-badger and the Legion of Boone this Saturday in Stillwater.