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Lippert's O-Line Update: It can only go up from here... Right?

Hopefully I never have to say these words again...

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

I'd never understood the expression "by the skin of our teeth" until last week when OKState beat Texas in the final minute of the game. And while most people give credit to Texas punter Michael Dickson and OSU kicker Ben Grogan for the win, I have to give credit where it's due: the Cowboys' defense.

The OSU D-Line caused disruption up front, and the secondary [finally] learned how to stop the run play of the Longhorns offense, particularly quarterback Jerrod Heard. OSU safety Jordan Sterns had a break-out game and is my overall MVP of the game.

However, when it comes to the offensive line, left tackle Victor Salako is my MVP of the OSU-Texas game. His fast footwork allowed him to stay in front of the defense and block along the outside of the pocket. Salako managed to hold his blocks and refused to give up a sack or earn a penalty.

M. Wilson helped hold the left side of the pocket together while also contributing some useful blocks down the field. A holding call late in the game costed the offense a few yards, but it was able to bounce back as M. Wilson kept his composure and his blocks.

Lundblade showed his savvy of the game while making calls to read the defense and lead the offense. Although the Texas D-Line outsized most of our guys up front, Lundblade did his best to close the gap and protect the pocket.

Right tackle Zach Crabtree put his athleticism to the test and kept his feet moving throughout the game. Some series were better than others, but he didn't give up a sack and worked hard to keep the right side of the pocket protected.

Guard Paul Lewis struggled throughout the afternoon, allowing quarterback Mason Rudolph to be sacked three times. His strength up front has been put to the test, but there is still plenty of time left in the season to work things out and improve on reading the plays.

Overall, the offensive line had its ups and downs against the Longhorn defense last week, but the Cowboys came out with a win, which is what is to be expected from an offensive with great potential and an elite defense. Tomorrow's game against Kansas State should be promising, as I'm sure the O-Line has up its anti and is ready to do work.