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Buy or Sell - Oklahoma State Scores 50 Saturday

It's homecoming and Kansas is coming to town. This should be fun

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State hosts the Jayhawks this weekend in what should be a pretty fun game for Cowboy fans. However, the Jayhawks did just play a pretty good game against Texas Tech, who was supposed to have a better offense than OSU.

There's also the fact that two of the last three meetings against the Jayhawks have been some ugly wins for OSU. In 2012 and 2014, both in Kansas, OSU only one by a touchdown, showing that Clint Bowen clearly has something figured out about this team. Then again, last year was in the midst of the Daxx Garman phase, so some may overlook it.

The Cowboys haven't scored more than 50 since playing UTSA, which is a bad team but not as bad as this Kansas team should be. Last time the Pokes scored more than 50 on KU was in 2011 in a 70-28 win. So what do you say, buy or sell?


The Cowboys force multiple turnovers and take advantage of a deflated Jayhawk squad. Soak it in as Rudolph throws for 350 or more and the run game actually looks alive but also take it with a grain of salt as this isn't the best team the Cowboys will face. Remember, KU has allowed at least 30 points in every game except for a 27-14 loss to Rutgers and more than 50 twice.


The team still plays well and still wins but Gundy takes the foot off the pedal before getting to 50. That or this KU team has another defensive performance like last week and the offense struggles while Yurcich tries to make Rudolph do too much.