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Kansas Offensive Preview: How About This Weather

Rain may ruin the events leading up to Oklahoma State's homecoming celebration but the kickoff weather looks to be pristine. Oh and yeah, Kansas has an offense that we can talk about. Come on, it'll be neat.

Ke'aun Kinner has ran efficiently for the Jayhawks, something the Cowboy's backs can't claim.
Ke'aun Kinner has ran efficiently for the Jayhawks, something the Cowboy's backs can't claim.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

We've Got A Runner.....No.....No We Don't:

So it is no secret that Oklahoma State cannot run the ball efficiently. What if I told you though, that you could double your frustration in one easy four hour installment? Yes, Kansas is just as bad. If their winless record didn't already tell you that. Although, there is an intriguing aspect to their run game. Ke'aun Kinner is a true feature back for the Jayhawks. A feature back is something that Oklahoma State has struggled to identify with injuries to both of its lead men, Chris Carson and Rennie Childs. Kinner is the player that is almost guaranteed to find the end zone. All five of Kinner's touchdowns have come on the ground, although Kinner can be used in the passing game, catching nine passes for 83 yards this season. Look for no. 22 to be the small semblance of hope for the Jayhawks.

Smells Like Teen Spirit:

When you're a program like Kansas, cutting your losses and starting over is pretty commonplace. This season, the quarterback position was afflicted with numerous injuries which has thrusted the freshman Ryan Willis. The young Willis has impressed as well. Two starts and national recognition for his 354 yard performance last week against Texas Tech, Willis could be what the Jayhawks need as a building block for the next four years, but for this game Saturday, the Oklahoma State defense will be the toughest group Willis will face all year. Expect the inexperience to come out with Willis turning the ball over multiple times.

The Robert Whetsell Memorial Tweet Sequence:

Here lies the sad truth. More affirmation to part one above.

Coffelt's Picks:

This game is going to be like Mark Mangino at a camping music festival. Sweaty from the discomfort, full of regret for spending that much time at the event, and seeing plenty of things one should never have to see. Okay, so that's everyone at multi-day music festivals, but the Mangino visual ties it all together. You know...Kansas. The Cowboys win their homecoming celebration, 31-13.