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No, the picks are not really from Joe's, but it's only Kansas, so does it really matter?

You can see Iowa State at Baylor for $14.

That's about what this week boils down to. Tech at OU is intriguing, some lines and O/U's are pretty interesting.

Oh, and Kansas is coming to Stillwater for homecoming.

Other than that, enjoy!

King's thoughts...

Iowa State at Baylor: Remember that Bruce Willis movie Tears of the Sun? Where the SEAL team was trying to save some folks from ruthless warlords? This game is like sending me to stop those warlords. I'll look good showing up in my gear, and then get raped to death (and with Baylor that may still happen to the Cyclones) Baylor wins 63-11.

Kansas State at Texas: I wonder how many notes Bill Snyder had to write last week? Texas wins 27-20

Texas Tech at Oklahoma: I said lots of words on the hangout last night, and I've forgotten them all. But spread offenses are Mike Stoops kryptonite. Although other teams playing any offense is Tech's kryptonite. Sooners win 47-37.

Kansas at Oklahoma State: Kansas football is officially the Wilhelm scream. Pokes win 42-14.