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Questions With The Enemy - Was Last Week A Fluke or Is KU On The Road Back?

Oklahoma State plays Kansas tomorrow so I spoke with Andy Mitts of Rock Chalk Talk about this KU team and what we have missed from this team from Lawrence.

Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

1) What happened last week, is that something we should get used to or Tech flopping?

I honestly think it was a combination of Kansas finally getting some stability on the offense and Texas Tech looking ahead to the game against Oklahoma this weekend.  But we've also seen Texas Tech be wildly inconsistent this year.  I'm just surprised that the Jayhawks were mildly able to take advantage of it.

2) Tell us about your newly found quarterback that might be pretty good. 

I don't know that I can do the description justice, as I have only personally seen highlights.  However, it's fair to say that Willis has pretty much put any QB controversy to rest at KU for this year, and it's likely that the conversation for next year is over as well barring injury.I think Kevin Haskin over at the Topeka Capitol Journal sums up the feelings that most KU fans got after the Texas Tech game.

3) What's up with this team? What are the highlights on the roster, what are the weaknesses?

Up until a couple weeks ago, I would have said the only highlight was Ke'aun Kinner, the JUCO running back that Kansas was somehow able to land in the offseason.  However, he has been pretty much silenced the last couple of weeks, and other players have had to try and step up.  Willis has been the highlight recently as a legitimate hope that we might have something to look forward to in the next couple years.The weaknesses are pretty much everywhere however.  The offensive line is pretty much non-existent, the defense is inconsistent, and the depth of the team severely lacking.

4) How has Beaty impressed or not to the KU fans so far?

It's extremely hard to evaluate Beaty at this point, since he has so many handicaps that he has to overcome.  He's said all the right things though, and so there is reason for optimism.  Knowing he was going to be down a ton of scholarships, he restarted and beefed up the walk-on program to fill out the roster.  Ultimately, I think he has done enough to warrant patience from the fan base.  And I think the fans are smart enough to realize that we won't really get to see his system for another couple years, since he still has the restock the roster.

5) How far is this team from competing?

Competing for what?  If we are talking about in an individual game, I'm thinking next year we should be able to consistently keep games close and actually pull out a few. Competing for bowl games, I'm guessing we should make one in 2-3 years, and competing for the conference title may come in 4-5 years. Hopefully Beaty gets a chance to stick around and see his system work.

6) What's your prediction on this weeks game?

I'm looking forward to seeing the offense take another step forward.  Hopefully the defense can step up and keep the game interesting.  But the Cowboys just seem to have too much talent for Kansas to compete with.  I see a close game through half, but the lack of depth catches up with Kansas and they lose in minor blowout fashion.  Oklahoma State 41, Kansas 20