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CRFF Best House Decoration Of The Year Voting

It's your turn to vote

It's finally time for America's Biggest and Brightest Homecoming in Stillwater as current, future and former Cowboys have all made their way back to the place they once called home. The streets are packed, hotels have been booked and Murphy's is as busy as it'll be until graduation. So that means house decorations are up on Greek Row for all to see the hard work that Greek life has put in the last few months.

At half time tomorrow we will all know the official winner of this years competition voted on by a select committee. But we think it's time for the people who spent all the money to come back to decide who won. So this year we're holding our own competition. Here are the house decs and if we missed any, please tweet a picture or send them to and we'll make sure to get them up.

1. Tri Delta and Kappa Sig

2. AGR and Pi Phi

3. Sigma Nu and Theta

4. Kappa Alpha Order and AOPi

5. Chi O and Sigma Chi

6. Of course this one is our personal favorite (I wonder why!) Kappa Delta and Farm House

7. ATO and ADPi

8. Sig Ep and Zeta

9. Gamma Phi Beta and Fiji

10. Pike and Alpha Chi

11. Phi Mu and Phi Kappa Tau

12. SAE and Kappa