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INSTANT RECAP: Oklahoma State 58, Kansas 10

On what turned into a somber day, the Cowboys didn't mess around.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

At least for a few hours, OSU helped us think about something other than the tragedy from earlier in the day.

Following the inexplicable incident where a young woman, apparently under the influence, rammed her car through a police barricade and into a huge crowd of people near the intersection of Hall of Fame and Main, killing 3 and injuring over 30 from the Homecoming Parade attendees, the Cowboys made short work of the out-manned Jayhawks.

Mason Rudolph was done early in the 3rd quarter, JW Walsh directed one drive resulting in his 5th TD of the day (on a pass), then Taylor Cornelius got the entire 4th quarter as just about the full list of subs saw some action.

While hitting on a couple of bigger plays, the KU offense had no answer for OSU's front seven, as their freshman QB was constantly under pressure and the running game amounted to just 30 yards. Take away Willis' 20 yards in sacks, and it was 22 carries for 50 yards, still only 2.3 ypc.

Will have much more in tomorrow's "After Further Review," but I'll leave us with these nuggets...

-Raymond Taylor/Jeff Carr need to get more carries than Chris Carson. The ability to avoid tacklers and extend plays is key with an offensive line that isn't blocking effectively at all, and both of these guys have that ability. Carson bounced outside a few times, but he's just too slow.

-OSU will now have a winning record in 10 consecutive seasons FOR THE FIRST TIME IN PROGRAM HISTORY.

-Regardless of your emotions, be sure to demonstrate compassion and mercy towards those involved in today's tragedy, including the driver. We never know when we may need some of that ourselves.

God Bless and GO POKES!!!