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Around The Big 12 - Big Loss For Baylor

The Bears may have lost their quarterback for a little while, which could open up the race even more.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor 45, Iowa State 27

After jumping up 35-7 at half, the Bears took a little bit of a break it seems. In the second half they were outscored 20-10 and the Cyclones looked as if they were attempting to make that once a year upset happen again. The bigger story int his game was Seth Russell being hurt. So far this season, I think he has answered any questions about his talent but late in the game, he was injured on a run. Postgame X-Rays and CT scans revealed a fracture in one of his neck bones. In a conference that has seen many injuries already this year in top team TCU, this could be big for teams like OSU and OU if he is out for an extended period of time.

Oklahoma 63, Texas Tech 27

What happened, Tech? After this team was supposedly looking like a dark horse with the offense of the century, it's seeming to be a bit, deflated. Last weeks 30-point outing and 10-point win against last placed Kansas was followed by this miserable game in which they couldn't reach 30. Mahomes threw four interceptions and the defense allowed more than 300 yards rushing against the Sooners. The Cowboys like turnovers and are a team that will run the ball a lot, especially if you're giving it to them. The Red Raiders have a lot to figure out before they lose another Big 12 game against OSU this weekend in Lubbock.

Texas 23, Kansas State 9

Well, this was ugly. Texas, after starting 1-4, has found a way to win two in a row. Kansas State, losing four in a row, found a way to only score nine points in the last two weeks. It's ugly in Manhattan and not as ugly in Austin. The Longhorns out-Wildcat-ed the Wildcats, throwing for a total of only 99 yards on 16 attempts but ran the ball 53 times for 274 yards. No one knows what's going on here but that narrow win against the Wildcats looks worse each week but the win against Texas looks even better.